Year Three

3 years. 350 posts. 3,500,000 calories eaten. 3 faithful readers. There is nothing more I could ask for. Well, maybe for the 3 faithful readers to increase to 4 as enters its 4th year of existence.

Here is Year Three in photos.

The places I visited ranged from treasure troves of historical artifacts (I love Philippine history) and Mother Nature’s wonderful gifts to mankind.

I attended events as a student of Instituto Cervantes – Manila, a gatecrasher, and a sports fan.

Some of the memorable events I attended were Mario Vargas Llosa’s talk in Manila and 1st Philippine Visit of the Pilgrim Relics of Sts. Louis and Zélie Martin. Also, I was also able to say goodbye to fellow Ilonggo, the steadfast and admirable Senator Miriam Defensor – Santiago.

The things I have seen and bought brought me happiness, some longer than others. The pasalubong from different provinces of the Philippines.

Traditional musical instruments from Southeast Asian countries

The things that piqued my interest

Things I saw, some of which I bought, at Sidcor Sunday Market.

Then my stomach discovered its affinity for buffet restaurants, hence the 3,500,000 calories eaten.

Buffet 101 – Glorietta 2 and Robinsons Magnolia

The photos taken at Four Seasons Buffet & Hotpot by Vikings are vivid, so here is another set. ☺

Not a buffet restaurant, but it is worth checking, AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café

Provenciano, the only all-Filipino food restaurant featured on my blog

I embraced being a Filipino movie fan and started writing about Filipino movies and their hugot lines.


My utmost gratitude to Juan for being one of my three faithful readers. 🙂 Marcos, the Yoda-turned-Smeagol to my young padawan-turned-Gollum, thank you for being hard on me and badgering me with questions I cannot answer. 🙂 Thank you, Hope, for the source of anything Spanish. Thank you, Albert and Ares, for building the solid foundation of this blog.

To my brother, Pats, and Mitso, I am indebted to you for the continuous help and making sure that my concerns are addressed. 🙂

Thank you to the Primordial Being for everything.

May the Fource be with us.

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2 thoughts on “Year Three

  1. Congratulation super Roselee!!! :). Omg it is already 3 years old, and every year you have more and more followers :), sure the next one you will have another faithful reader, it is one per year :P.

    Yes this year you became an expert in buffets hehe, also you wrote about a lot of Spanish series and movies and lived great adventures in the north of Luzon :), and as usual you wrote my favorite taxi tales, which have evolved to uber tales haha :).

    Oki we are looking forward to seeing which new things you will live in your 4th year 🙂

    Paalam!!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Juan! I appreciate your feedback as much as I do a bar of chocolate. ☺ Your positivity is infectious, so I hope that I will gain one more follower this year. Hehe. The buffet trips are fun, filling and fattening. 🙂

      Luzon is calling you, Juan! Answer it.

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