Whammo’s Chocofudge

After a12-year absence from the market, Whammo’s Chocofudge makes a comeback in a most delicious way possible. Whammo’s is a rich chocolate cake with fudge filling. In its hiatus, other cake bar brands tried to emulate Whammo’s but failed.

Amarela Inc.’s Whammo’s Chocofudge

Amarela Inc.’s Whammo’s Chocofudge. I used 40 bars for this photo, already ate the other 10.

Unlike most cake bars made locally, Whammo’s has no cake liner. Once I open a pack of Whammo’s, I gobble it up immediately because it is 100% edible. No more peeling off the cake liner or worrying that I might accidentally swallow a piece of paper. Also, Whammo’s is not dry, which I like in cakes. Inside every Whammo’s is a special treat, that sticky fudge filling that oozes out of the bar after one bite. It is a delight that brings back good memories of my childhood.

Whammo’s Chocofudge has no cake liners and is 100% edible.

Whammo’s Chocofudge has no cake liners and is 100% edible.

I do not consider myself a Whammo’s addict, but I bought a whole box with 50 Whammo’s bars. 🙂 No, I did not buy the box from 711, where Whammo’s are available for P16.00 (US $0.34) per bar. I did not and could not eat all 50 of them. I ate a maximum of three bars in one sitting.

Whammo’s Chocofudge and its oozing filling

Whammo’s Chocofudge and its oozing filling


6 thoughts on “Whammo’s Chocofudge

    1. Christian,

      I edited your comment and took out the last 7 digits of your phone number. If someone wishes to contact you can do so using your email address. I hope you understand that I am putting your privacy over your want for Whammo’s.

      I think you can buy Whammo’s at 711 for P16 each. The person who gave me the box of Whammo’s does not really sell it. It was a special arrangement between us, so I cannot, in good faith, give you her number.

      1. Thank you for the concern, but as the saying goes, “desperate times calls for desperate measures”, you see the biggest problem here is that I am currently residing here in mindanao(cagayan de oro). Suffice to say I’ve circled most if not all the branches of 7-11 so far here in mindanao and visayas to no avail. So I finally got hold of a few connections in 7-11 particularly a store manager, she said that 7-11 stopped distribiuting Whammo’s outside of LUZON since it has a short shelf-life. So the crux of the matter, is it possible to have a special arrangement of sorts? On your supplier, desperately need it for a good cause(matters of the heart).

        P.S. I have limited contact in LUZON/NCR so I’m really in a dire state now HAHAHA

        1. I cannot give you any information about the person who gave me the Whammo’s, not really a supplier but knows the supplier. She is also a private individual. I will edit my comment and post your mobile number.

          Good luck with that. I hope you can find Whammo’s in your area.

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