TR’s List of Firsts – 2017 Edition

The year that was has been a rollercoaster ride, steady at first, increasing with positive slope, intoxicating, loopy, and in some parts, pestiferous. Since I believe in Kris Aquino’s mantra of #lovelovelove, I will not brood over the negative, rather I will focus on the cute presence that has graced this blog. Her name is TR or Tiny Roselee (some will say that it is narcissistic on my part for calling her that but her name is part of a long narrative and is in accordance with the agreement I have with the her first human, Juan). She made her debut on Biri Island Rock Formations (Northern Samar), Part I and she has inhabited the inside of my closet at night or the pocket of my bag during the day, ready for her mostly blurry photos to be taken.

In the short time that TR has been with me (or with Juan), she has experienced many firsts. Lucky (or unlucky) for her, some of these firsts are documented.

To end 2017, here is a look back at TR’s List of Firsts:

First documented trip: Biri Island, Northern Samar. TR’s male counterpart, TJ or Tiny Juan, was inadvertently left by his human at the hotel room, so TR had a blast with two humans fawning over her. With two humans, you would think the photos would be better than this, but no! 🙂

First swim: Biri Island, Northern Samar. All you can see are the rocks, the water, and Juan. Believe me when I say that TR is somewhere in the photo. 🙂

First friend: TJ. TJ and TR spent part of their morning in Camotes Island, Cebu, looking at limitless expanse of blueness.

First dramatic moment, albeit a staged one: TJ and TR planning to jump over the “cliff” because their humans do not know how to take decent photos.

First fruit: kiat – kiat. Her tiny fingerless hands were able to peel those kiat – kiats without human intervention. True story.

First chocolate: Milka Oreo. The kiat – kiat did not appease TR’s hunger and sweet tooth.

Technically not a first, but her first “stolen” goods: Snickers. I am harboring a thief.

First pizza: S&R Cadbury Chocolates Dessert Pizza. She gobbled up 80% of the pizza. There is a demogorgon residing inside TR’s tiny tummy. I need Eleven to exorcise and decimate the demogorgon.

First costume change: Ferrero Rocher skirt. TR’s imagination is to be applauded. She knows how to reuse and recycle.

First swim on her own: Quezon City. She submerged herself in water after this photo was taken. It was not her greatest moment caught on camera, hence, the use of the before photo. ☺

First train ride: TR rides the LRT to go the mall to shop for clothes and buy groceries for her human. For her initial trip, she bought a Beep card, checked the route, and boarded the correct train. Good job, TR.

First Christmas: TR did not go to the North Pole, but she met Santa Claus in the theater to wish for a truckload of chocolates world peace a truckload of chocolates.

First gift: Santa Claus made good of his promise to TR and sent her a box of chocolates as first installment of the truckload she had asked for.

First snowman: A botched up version of Olaf. TR’s favorite vegetable at the moment is carrot.

First New Year’s Eve: TR and three angels with trumpet. After this photo was taken, two of the angels fell and lost their wings. Bad TR!

First New Year message: It took TR and her tiny fingerless hands and tiny toeless feet four weeks to type that message!

TR looking forward to 2018 with hope in her tiny heart, still waiting for the truckload of chocolates and maybe, world peace.

Happy New Year from ours to yours! 🙂

Para sa mga Ilonggo, Mahamungayaon nga Bag-ong Tuig! 🙂

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