S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza

For the month of April, S&R New York Style S’mores Pizza made mouths water and took those who tasted it to their camping days. For the months of June and July, S&R offers another Dessert Pizza, this time, it is loaded with crushed Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies are not only for twisting, licking and dunking anymore, they have encroached on the crushing territory. Let me say that those who buy the S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza will not be crushed with disappointment. I had some misgivings about the way the S’mores Pizza tasted. It was too sweet, and it is saying a lot because I like sweet things. Luckily, the Oreo Pizza is more successful than its predecessor because of the balance of its flavors.

S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza is topped with mostly-finely crushed Oreo cookies, sour cream, dulce de leche, and white chocolate truffle. Since the base of Oreo cookies was not overly sweet, eating the pizza was a delight. Moreover, the dough was thinner than the S’mores Pizza dough that we had. The Oreo Pizza was not burnt unlike the S’mores Pizza.

S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza is a food fusion that I do not mind. It gently and playfully the tickled my palate. It is a sweet pizza that I do not mind and might even convince me that sweet pizzas may be as good as savory ones.

S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza is available until July 31, 2017. One 9-inch slice costs P99.00 (US $1.98) / P109.00 (US $2.18) and a whole 18-inch pizza costs P549.00 (US  $10.98) / P629.00 (US $12.58) at S&R Warehouses / Pizza Parlors.

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S&R New York Style Pizza Box. Does it contain a slice of savory pizza or a sweet pizza?

S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza. One slice is P109.00 (US $2.18) and a whole pizza with six slices costs P629.00 (US $12.58) at the S&R Pizza Parlors.

Two slices S&R Oreo Dessert Pizza because this sweet pizza is worth sharing. One slice is P99.00 (US $1.98) and a whole pizza with six slices costs P549.00 (US $10.98) at S&R Warehouses.

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