Siem Reap

The breathtaking Angkor archeological site is the crowning jewel of Siem Reap. A visit to Angkor is more than enough to sate my curiosity, but we cannot leave the city without wandering around, eating local food and buying things we do not necessarily need.

Thankfully, Dyna Boutique Hotel has free tuktuk service from the hotel to any reasonable point in the city. Virg and I ask the receptionist to reserve a tuktuk to ferry us to Lucky Mall (twice), to the night market and finally, to the airport. The same driver that takes us to these places is the same one who picks us up at a designated area a couple of hours later. The return trip requires a minimal fee of $3-$4.

The friendly tuktuk drivers.
Comfortable ride to the city-center.


One of the more famous traditional dishes in Cambodia is amok. The fish amok of Neary’s restaurant is one of the more memorable coconut cream-based course I have tasted (I like anything with coconut cream!). Aside from this, we have a somewhat ordinary sweet and sour dish and tasty fried rolls with purple yam filling.

fish amok
sweet and sour dish
fried rolls

We have a dinner buffet at Koulen Restaurant. There are six long tables filled with food, which I do not have any photo of because I am busy watching the cultural show and going to and fro the tables. I make four or five trips to the buffet table to sample the a bit of everything. Generally, the food I eat at that buffet is nothing to write home about, but the cultural show is a little bit entertaining. Nothing spectacular about it, but the costume is beautiful.

Real apsaras

The following day, we have lunch at Lucky Shabu House inside Lucky Mall. The place does not look well maintained, but it is spacious and deserted at 1pm. The meal is affordable, only $6 per person. After lunch, we buy three large scoops of ice creameach; one scoop is roughly $1. All the flavors I have taste good! We return the following day and have two scoops each. On top of these, we buy a lot of bread, a slice of cake and a couple of cupcakes.They do not allow anyone to take photos of anything, all that remained of our ice cream is the base and the cup. Hehe.

Lucky Mall products.

On our last day, we order room service so we can have lunch, pack our things and watch a movie simultaneously.

Dyna Boutique Hotel hot soup


Coconut and Tamarind cookies cost $3 per box (Lucky Mall), candies cost $1-$2 (night market)
Elephant figure costs $7 (night market)

See, hear, speak, do no evil monkeys for $5 (night market)

They claim to be Cambodian silk scarves. One scarf costs $3 (night market)
The pair of yellow silk pants costs $18 ($20 original price) while the black one is $10. I bought them from different sellers, and it was unwise of me to get excited over a pair of silk pants and forgot to haggle further (night market)

Dyna Boutique Hotel

Dyna Boutique Hotel is not as big or as modern as the other hotels I saw on my way to Khum Svay Dangkum. It is a three-level structure that does not have an elevator (the staff helped us carry our things up and down the stairs). Whatever it lacks in technology, its friendly staff more than makes up for it. The receptionists, tuktuk drivers, servers and cleaning ladies are very friendly and accommodating. It is right next to another hotel and just a few meters away from entertainment centers, but our room on the right wing was very quiet.

Our room on the third floor
What we see right outside our door
Found in the lobby of Dyna Boutique Hotel

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  1. I love reading your entries! I super love ice cream kaya natawa ako nung sinabi mong all that was left was the base and the cup. Too bad there was no photo available.

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