Sandaya Yakiniku – Eat and Drink All You Can

After almost four months, I fell off the wagon of my not-a lot-of-meat-diet. Not a lot of meat is relative, but for someone who was 90% carnivorous for more than two decades, cutting down my meat intake to at most three times a week was a life-changing decision. Life changing is overdramatic, but let me have it, the virtual absence of meat from my system has made me emotional. Hahaha.

Going back to falling off the wagon, I blame it on a magazine that featured a list of restaurants that have All Day Every Day Buffet. I have eaten at all of those closest to where I live with the exception of one, Sandaya Yakiniku in Fisher Mall. My mouth salivated like a rabid dog’s just thinking of the all the meat that would satisfy my craving. It was like eating 90% of my daily calorie intake multiply by four months equal to heavenly (or deadly) thoughts.

Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall’s Eat and Drink All You Can lets carnivorous like me to consume unlimited meat where the platter includes imported beef short plate, pork belly, and boneless chicken leg. In addition to these, there are unlimited miso soup, Japanese rice, fresh sprouts, and iced tea. All of these for only P495.00 (US $9.95)*!

Sandaya Yakiniku as the name says offers premium yakiniku. Aside from that, Sandaya Yakiniku also offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes that include sushi, sashimi, tempura, maki, don buri, and ramen.

Here are some of the photos of my meal as a cave woman:

Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall in Quezon City

Inside Sandaya Yakiniku

This part of the restaurant faces the streets outside

This part of the restaurant faces the escalator

Miso Soup

Fresh Sprouts

Sauces, one is sweet and the other is spicy. I cannot remember which is which.

Meat platter that includes imported beef short plate, pork belly, and boneless chicken leg

Meat meeting its mean nemesis, fire

Me fake cooking the meat. In truth the boys grudgingly supporting my blog cooked the meat, and I ate the meat faster than they are cooked. This rapid rate of consumption also explains why I have no photos of cooked meat.

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Appetizers

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Soup and Vegetables

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Sashimi and Sushi

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Maki and Tempura

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Yakiniku (Beef)

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Yakiniku (Non-Beef) and Fresh Seafood BBQ

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Yakiniku Sets

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Don Buri and Rice

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Ramen and Dessert

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Drinks

Sandaya Yakiniku Menu: Wine List


Sandaya Yakiniku in Fisher Mall had accommodating staff who kept the food coming for me and my hungry companions. They served us food with smile on their faces. I hope to return there and try their Japanese dishes.

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Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall’s Rates (No Service Charge and Inclusive of 12% VAT):

Eat and Drink All You Can Lunch Time Monday to Friday: P495.00 (US $9.90)

Eat and Drink All You Can Dinner Time Monday to Friday: P595.00 (US $11.90)

Eat and Drink All You Can Lunch Time Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday: P695.00 (US $13.90)

Eat and Drink All You Can Dinner Time Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday: P795.00 (US $15.90)

Children Rate: Below 3.0 feet – FREE     3.0 Feet to 4.0 Feet – Half Price     Above 4.0 Feet – Adult Rate


Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall’s Contact Number for Reservation:

(02) 287-8984


Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall’s Operating Hours:

Lunch Time: 11am to 230pm daily

Dinner Time: 530pm onwards


Sandaya Yakiniku Fisher Mall’s Address:

Third Floor, Fisher Mall, Quezon City


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