Roger X Juan at Wimbledon

The last four days were physically taxing and sometimes mentally challenging as I found out that sometimes what passes out of the body is more than what goes into it, and the process is unbearably painful. As much as I love to stay in bed and do nothing, doing it involuntarily while writhing in pain was not fun. Even watching TV series on my laptop was too much to even think about. So I just curled into a fetal position, think of the food that caused my situation and wait for sleep to take over.

This situation caused me to be unaware of the cosmic encounter that happened on Wednesday at Wimbledon – when a demi-god and a quarter-god met. The demi-god Roger Federer is my favorite athlete in an individual sports while the quarter-god Juan Mata is my favorite athlete in team sports. They move with fluidity not unlike some adroit danseurs (I apologize for the comparison, but in my mind they move like dancers). Roger is the paragon of grace under pressure, complete with bouncy hair and serene face, as he inches (or inched) his way to 17 Grand Slam victories (which I hope will stand until the end of time unless Roger can make it 18 or 19). Juan is not called the little magician for nothing; he moves the ball with his feet like it was part of his anatomy and his precise passes are a sight to behold. So yes, I like graceful athletes in testosterone-filled sports.

I am sure that the green grass of Wimbledon became greener, rains shied away from the courts and the price of strawberries went down when these gentlemen with high playing IQ shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and teased each other like they were long lost brothers.

Roger Federer and Juan Mata at Wimbledon. Photo from

Roger Federer and Juan Mata at Wimbledon. Photo from

I can only imagine the converstation they had – playing at the highest level of competition, mutual respect for each other, Juan’s game against Roger’s FC Basel, winning it all (almost there for Juan – has to win the EPL first, hence quarter-god) their beautiful hair and almost poreless skin, full-time modelling after they retire, Roger’s two sets of twins, and Juan’s magnificent beard.

It is a shame that Roger lost the Wimbledon final to Novak Djokovic for the second time in as many tries. If Juan and his beard were present to witness the finals yesterday, maybe the outcome would have been different.

This entry is for someone who got promoted recently. Congratulations, old sport. 🙂









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  1. I miss browsing this blog. I was unable to browse this site for a week due to poor internet connection… Thanks for a new entry Day Rose!

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