Tindig Marawi (Piso Para sa Marawi)

Last week, as I was browsing the Instagram account of Sharon Cuneta, @reallysharoncuneta, (I started looking at her Instagram in 2018), then I came across #shawieformarawi. It led me to the Instagram account of Mariel Padilla, @marieltpadilla, and became aware of Tindig Marawi.

What touched my heart was one of Mariel’s posts, which stated that her household staff and her one-year old daughter Isabella all donated P1.00 (US $0.02) each to Tindig Marawi. Without any second thought, I decided to donate to the cause as well. It was a little more than P1.00 so I can include my family and friends.

Help rebuild and rehabilitate Marawi City by giving P1.00 (US $0.02).

Tindig Marawi is the fundraising campaign launched on October 26, 2017 by Robin Padilla, Mariel’s husband and Sharon’s partner in the movie Unexpectedly Yours, and an advocate of Muslim affairs. Padilla himself donated at least P5 million (US $100,000) in order to help the Maranaos. Tindig Marawi is under Padilla’s Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation, Inc., a long-time organization tasked to help Filipinos, especially Muslims, in their many needs.

Tindig Marawi encourages private corporations, organizations, and private individuals, regardless of religious beliefs and political leanings, to donate P1.00, tagged as Piso Para sa Marawi, to help rebuild and rehabilitate the war-torn city and its thousands of displaced residents. Tindig Marawi aims to raise a minimum of P10 million (US $200,000) to start the Tindig Marawi Livelihood Fund. With the amount of money accumulated from donations, Padilla wishes to build non-generic houses (complete with necessities like washroom and sink) and sources of water for the Maranaos, among other things.

According to Padilla, there are three ways to help our Muslim brothers and sisters:

  • by signing up at Kasama Ka via KasamKa.com.
  • by texting KKK to 2929015555.

For every person who signs up at KasamaKa.com or texts KKK to the given number, P1.00 will be donated to Tindig Marawi.

  • by depositing at least P1.00 to Liwanag ng Kapayapaan Foundation, Inc. Checking Account Number 437 – 7 – 43790648 – 0 (Metrobank Fairview – Regalado Branch)

So, what are you waiting for? Skip that cup of coffee or that merienda for once and donate the money to a great cause.

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