Pelikula/Película: Manila Spanish Film Festival 2017 (Greenbelt 3)

PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival is held every October. This year, it celebrates its 16th edition with an 11-day long film showing in Greenblelt 3 Cinemas. This year, PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival features 23 full-length award-winning Spanish and Latin American films from various cinematic genres, drama, action, comedy, thriller, adventure, romance, animation, and fantasy. Two short films are also included in this year’s festival.

Created in 2002, organized by Instituto Cervantes Manila, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain to the Philippines, PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival “has grown through the years to become the most important exhibition of Spanish Cinema in the Southeast Asian region”. It showcases the best full-length and short films with the brightest Spanish-speaking actors and the most compelling stories that usually put the audience at the edge of their seats.

Non-Spanish speakers have no need to worry because all films have English subtitles.

The 2017 PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival starts on October 5, 2017 and runs until October 15, 2017 in Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1.

For more information about the films, please read Films, Part I and Films, Part II.

2017 PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival

Schedule of Film Showing of the 2017 PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1 from October 5 to 15, 2017.

Here are all the full-length films shown at the 2017 PELÍCULA at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1:

Summary and other details of 1898: Los Últimos de Filipinas (Salvador Calvo), Al Final del Túnel (Rodrigo Grande), El Auge del Humano (Eduardo Williams), El Bar (Álex de la Iglesia), El Ciudadano Ilustre (Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn), El Comienzo del Tiempo (Bernardo Arellano), and El Hombre de las Mil Caras (Alberto Rodriguez).

Summary and other details of El Jugador de Ajedrez (Luis Oliveros), Frágil Equilibrio (Guillermo García López), Jota, de Saura (Carlos Saura), Kóblic (Sebastián Borenztein), La Casa del fin de los Tiempos (Alejandro Hidalgo), and La Delgada Línea Amarilla (Celso García).

Summary and other details of La Mano Invisible (David Macián), La Noche que mi Madre Mató a mi Padre (Inés París), La Propera Pell (Isaki Cuesta and Isa Campo), La Puerta Abierta (Marina Seresesky), and Psiconautas (Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero).

Summary and other details of Que Dios Nos Perdone (Rodrigo Sorogoyen), Selfie (Víctor García León), ¿Ta Acorda ba tu el Filipinas? (Sally Gutiérrez Dewar), Tarde para la Ira (Raúl Arévalo), and Zona Hostil (Adolfo Martínez Pérez).

I hope that 1898: Los Últimos de Filipinas wins the Audience Choice award. It has two of my favorite Spanish actors of all time, the versatile Luis Tosar (Cien Años de Perdón) and the badass Javier Gutiérrez (La Isla Mínima). I am half in love with Gutiérrez, boses pa lang nya ulam na as displayed in El Desconocido.

PELÍCULA Manila Spanish Film Festival patrons can take part in daily contests and have a hand in voting for the Audience Choice film. All you need to do is rate five movies you have watched to get a chance to win a trip to Spain!!!

PELÍCULA films are shown at 430pm, 7pm and 930pm on weekdays, and at 2pm, 430pm, 7pm, and 930pm on weekends. Tickets are at P100 (US $ 2.19) per movie.

All images are scanned copies from the programme provided by Instituto Cervantes Manila.

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