Pasalubong – Pampanga*

The last time I went to Pampanga I watched Pampanga Giant Lantern Festival or Ligligan Parul where thousands of colorful bulbs that adorned the giant lanterns lit in perfect rhythm with a smorgasbord of musical styles. Aside from the visual feast the giant lanterns offered, I also partook in another feast that satisfied my stomach. Of all the food that was offered in that late buffet dinner I had after the program, the pork sisig and unshelled balut (fertilized duck eggs) linger in my memory.

Balut (fertilized duck egg) served in a restaurant in Pampanga

Pampanga is famous for its culinary wonders, which also extend to edible pasalubong that are oh-so-deliciously mouthwatering.

Here are some of the pasalubong from Pampanga:

Kalahi Pastillas de Leche. I love love love pastillas de leche, and I have to say that these turned out to be some of the better pastillas de leche I have tasted. They were so smooth and creamy, one or five were not enough.

Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Special Yema. Oh my goodness, these yema were so good, I could not stop popping one after another into my mouth. They deserved a yum!

Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Cashew Tart, Pack of 10s. Recently, Biscocho Haus’ Caramel Tart, its thinness and iffy taste made me wary of tarts (they were stored properly and were eaten days before the best before date), but these cashew tarts were so great. I have had them on several occasions and their quality has remained consistently good, with enough ratio of cashew bits to filling and not-too-thick bottom part of the tart (what is it called?).

Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Assorted Tarts. Each tart was good on its own, but I really could not differentiate one from the other aside from the obvious bits in them.

Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Marzipan Cashew. These balls of happiness have not failed me yet. I have had them several times just like the cashew tarts, and they were as dense (I could not finish more than four in one sitting) and delicious as they were the first time I had eaten them. Like the pastillas de leche and the yema, I wolfed them down with gusto (until I felt my stomach ballooned).

Since one photo is not enough for these balls of happiness, here they are sans the obstructions.

*I was not able to take photos of the pastillas de leche and yema after they were opened. Unlike the rest of my pasalubong entries, the pasalubong items here have no prices because these were given to me. Thank you, J. 🙂


Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Contact Numbers:

Telephone: (045) 409 – 8792 and Mobile: (0919) 417 – 9563

Little Maria Homemade Delicacies Address:

Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores, San Fernando City, Pampanga

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