Pasalubong – Legazpi City

I have been to Albay twice, and there are three things from those trips that remain memorable to me. First, the majestic beauty of Mayon Volcano, both from up close (or on it) and from an island miles away. Second, how inexpensive abaca bags were in Albay, which were sold at least five times their cost in Metro Manila (I hoarded more than a dozen). Finally, that halo-halo in Tiwi for which people fell in line like it was rush hour in MRT Cubao Station. As you can see, pili nuts, along with Bicol express, did not make an impression on me, but recently, I received a package from Legazpi with pili nuts and a jar of Bicol express. Let me say that the pili nuts are now ranked fourth in that list while Bicol express is still off the list (I like Bicol express, but the ones I tasted in or from Bicol have fallen short of expectation).

For more pasalubong from Legazpi City, please read Part II and Part III of this series.

Here are some of the pasalubong from Legazpi City:

Albay Pilinut’s products

Albay Pilinut’s Mazapan de Pili, 80 grams. Ingredients: pili, milk, egg, and sugar.

Albay Pilinut’s Crispy Pili with Honey, 80 grams. Ingredients: pili nuts, honey syrup, sugar, and pili oil.

Crispy pili nuts with honey

Albay Pilinut’s Pili Butternut, 80 grams. Ingredients: pili nuts, butter, and syrup.

Albay Pilinut’s Crispy Pili Sugar Free, 80 grams. Ingredients: pili nuts and suclarose.

Albay Pilinut Candy Address: 873 Rizal Street, Old Albay Distrcit, Legazpi City

Albay Pilinut Candy Contact Numbers: (052) 481-11611, (052) 480 – 1247, and (0917) 558 – 0493

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