Pasalubong – Iligan City, Part I

I was in Iligan City last week. One afternoon, I roamed around the city center to do some errands and to buy some pasalubong in three stops. Only 1.5 stops were successful (the 0.5 was deducted due to the missing specific variant of bottled baboy ramo). I was not able to make it to the third stop, which I know only by its generic name, “malongan” (where one buys malong), due to intermittent rain.

For more pasalubong from Iligan City, please read this and this.

Here are some pasalubong from Iligan City:

Cheding’s Peanuts, the original Iligan’s pride and the “nag-iisang pasalubong ng Iligan”.

Store front and signage of Cheding’s Peanuts in 25-A Sabayle Street, Poblacion, Iligan City

Cheding’s Peanuts Hot and Spicy variant, P52.50 (US $1.05) per 250 grams

Cheding’s round penato delight, P60.00 (US $1.20)

Cheding’s round penato delight

Na’a Adobong Baboy Ramo, P125.00 (US $2.50)

The content of the Na’a Adobong Baboy Ramo in a bottle

Pinakurat Vinegar, P49.95 per small bottle (US $1.00) and P94.50 (US $1.89) per big bottle. I had the spicy version, and it was not drink-milk-or-cry kind of hot.

Suman, P10.00 (US $0.20) per pair. I bought them when they were piping hot, and I ate them using the free plastic they gave while the car was moving. It was a true balancing act of grace and hunger.

Durian, P90.00 (US $1.80) per kilogram

Puyat durian

Thailand durian, this was around 3.40 kilograms. I liked it but I stopped after tasting one small piece. I am not turned off by the smell (my previous visit to Iligan numbed my nose to three days of incessant durian assault), I just cannot stand the texture. I have to say that Thailand durian is sweeter but not cloyingly so.


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