Pasalubong – Iligan City + Cagayan de Oro City

I asked the store owner beside the hotel where I stayed in Iligan City for the best pasalubong from the area, she answered lechon. I asked her if there is something that is smaller than a whole pig but she shook her head no. As much as I loved all the three lechon I tasted in a span of 48 hours, I cannot afford a kilo of lechon much less a whole pig.

For more pasalubong from Cagayan de Oro, please proceed here. For more pasalubong from Iligan City, please proceed here.

Here are the pasalubong I bought in Iligan City and Cagayan de Oro City:

Vjandep Pastel Yema Buns with Filling, 12 pieces, P165.00 (US $3.30). It cannot rival the pasalubong from Iloilo in terms of the stars I see when I eat them, but these pastels are not too shabby. There are other flavors of pastel, like pineapple and ube.

Vjandep Pastel Yema Buns with Filling

Vjandep Pastel Yema Buns with Filling, 6 pieces, P85.00 (US $1.70)

Vjandep Pastel Yema Buns with Filling

Yema Pastel in all its naked glory

Missy BonBon Bakeshop Pastel, 6 pieces, P90.00 (US $1.80). I bought these at the airport. The image is cute, but the pastel is not good. Vjandep Pastel is way better. If I have to quantify it, Vjandep Pastel is 4/5 while Missy BonBon Pastel is 1.5/5.

Carambola Prunes Small, P35.00 (US 0.70). I ate a lot of carambola when I was between 10 to 11 years old because there was a tree beside the window of our house. I liked them green or yellow. I added salt when they were unripe and ate them on their own when ripe. I hesitated buying these because I did not know how they would translate into prunes, but I had 10 minutes to buy pasalubong, and they were the closest to the cashier. ☺ I do not regret buying them. The taste was close to dried plum and thankfully the texture was not weird.

Carambola Prunes Big, P55.00 (US $1.10)

Carambola Prunes

Fiesta Kisses Ube Pastel Stick, 13 pieces, P30.00 (US $0.60). Like the carambola prunes, they were near the cashier, so I grabbed them. They reminded me of the ube candies I ate as a kid, nothing fancy but they made me happy.

Fiesta Kisses Ube Pastel Stick

Fiesta Kisses Piña Pastel Stick, 13 pieces, P30.00 (US $0.60). I have not tasted it yet as of this writing.

Fiesta Kisses Piña Pastel Stick

Cheding’s Sugar Coated Peanuts, a pasalubong from Iligan City. This was given to me. Like the ube pastel stick, this reminded me of the sugar coated peanuts I bought for P1.00 (US $0.02) per pack when I was in grade school.

Cheding’s Toasted Peanuts. I have not eaten it yet.

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