Pasalubong – Davao, Part I

When one thinks of pasalubong from Davao, one automatically thinks of durian. I have smelled and tasted durian in its fresh fruit, ice cream and candy forms, but not yet in pizza form. Surprisingly, smelling and eating fresh durian fruit was not a traumatic experience, but I was just too lazy to dig my way in the fruit and eat it. Durian ice cream was better because it was just scoop and eat. In terms of flavor, it was not in the top 10, but it was not in the bottom 10 either, as ice creams go. For years, I have eaten only a handful brands of durian candy, foremost of which is Lola Abon’s. I remember going to a small shop inside a village (?) to buy Lola Abon’s candies. The shop had photos of celebrities who went there to buy their candies. This was in 2005, when I started my Mindanao-Visayas-Luzon tour that summer.

Since then, I have grown to like mangosteen and suha more than durian, especially in fruit form. When the boys who grudgingly support this blog (hahaha) went to Davao, I asked them to bring back some fresh mangosteen. I also asked them to buy a list of pasalubong from Davao, but their work came before my happiness (hahaha).

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Here are some pasalubong from Davao:

Lola Abon’s Mangosteen Cubes (25 pieces), P38.75 (US $0.78). I liked it because the mangosteen preserve flavor was dominant. Although I know I was not eating real mangosteen, it fooled my mind into thinking that I was eating almost-a-mangosteen.

Durian World’s Durian Pastillas (45 pieces), P48.75 (US $0.98). I cannot taste the durian at all. It was so faint, it could have been any other flavor.

Durian World’s Durian de Leche (45 pieces), P49.50 (US $0.99). This fared better than the brand’s durian pastillas. The flavor sang a great melody and started a party in my mouth. Okay, not really, but it tasted like how I imagined it to be.

The size of one durian de leche compared to a 25-centavo coin.

Davao Sweets Pasalubong’s Durian Tart (6 pieces), P33.50 (US $0.67). The pastry case was a little thick for my likeness and the durian filling was really dry, but at least it was generous.

Nenita’s suha. I received 6 of these the day before the items aboved arrived in Quezon City. These suha were sweet, sweeter than the last three batches of suha from another vendor. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you, Trix!

Blue scarf, P75.00 (US $1.50). The price was how it cost in 2005. ☺ 12 years after, it looks a little frayed but it has maintained the vibrancy of its color. I used to wear this almost daily, around my neck, over my shoulders, as belt and even as an outer layer of a skirt.

Yellow scarf, P75.00 (US $1.50). Same story as the blue scarf. I bought 12 scarves in different colors and gave the other ten as pasalubong or gifts. They look cute and mamahalin for their price.

My yellow and blue scarves from Davao. 🙂

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