Pasalubong – Cebu City

For me, Cebu is synonymous to dried mangoes, danggit and Sinulog Festival. Since I visited Cebu in the wrong month to attend the festival and I have a love-hate relationship with danggit (I love it because it tastes like my childhood experience rolled into one dried fish, but I hate it because it encourages me to eat sangkaterbang rice in one sitting), the best option was to buy dried mangoes as pasalubong. It is just coincidental that the dried mangoes also look pretty in boxes.

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Here are some pasalubong from Cebu:

Zubucon’s Fried Peanuts with Chicharon, P60.00 (US $1.20)

Zubuchon’s Dried Fish Skin, P90.00 (US $1.80)

Zubuchon’s Tableya, One Dozen, P180.00 (US $3.60). Not in photo, Zubuchon’s Jar of Tableya, P350.00 (US $7.00)

Zubuchon’s Chicharon, 100 grams, P120.00 (US $2.40) and 200 grams, P200.00 (US $4.00). Not buying this is the second biggest regret I had in Cebu. My brother expected something full of cholesterol from Cebu, and all I had were sugary stuff.

Zubuchon’s Lechon Medium Platter, P350.00 (US $7.00). My biggest regret was not buying this. See previous reason. ☺

Marketman’s Artisanal Preserves: Kalamansi Marmalade, Guava Jelly, and Mango Jam, 180.00 (US $3.60) per bottle

El Tesoro’s Turrones Assorted, 150 grams, P150.00 (US $3.00)

El Tesoro’s Turrones de Casuy, 150 grams, P120.00 (US $2.40)

El Tesoro’s Turrones de Mani, Small, P25.00 (US $0.50)

El Tesoro’s Turrones de Mani, 150 grams, P90.00 (US $1.80)

El Tesoro’s Turrones de Mani, Large, P150.00 (US $3.00)

Baker’s Mill’s Baked Squid Flakes, 50 grams, P108.00 (US $2.16). I have not tasted it, but Juan said that it was not good at all. This is from the guy who liked every food he has eaten.

Philippine Brand’s Dried Mango Tamarind Balls, 100 grams

Philippine Brand’s Dried Guava Balls, 100 grams, P32.75 (US $0.66)

Philippine Brand’s Dried Mango Banana Passion Fruit Ball, 100 grams, P32.75 (US $0.66)

Philippine Brand’s Dried Mango Balls, 100 grams, P32.25 (US $65). The sugar overpowered the taste of the mango.

Philippine Brand’s Dried Mangoes Box, 200 grams, P162.00 (US $3.24). A few days after I had bought this, I went to Rustan’s and found out that this same product costs P350.00 (US $7.00)!!!

Philippine Brand’s Mango Chocolate (Dried Mango Coated with Belgian Chocolate), 90 grams, P181.00 (US $3.62). I fell in love with this the first time I tasted this a few years ago. So so good.


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