Outlander – Season II Quotes

Starz’s Outlander Season 2 was full of surprises. There was the introduction of new intriguing characters, Master Raymond and Fergus, who survived the entire run of the season, the return of a “dead” character in Geillis, the discovery that Black Jack Randall had a functioning heart after all, and the deaths of Angus and Dougal. I am still mourning over that last bit. Of course, there was the change of locations, from the animal smells of Scotland to the chamber pot odor of Paris, and time, from 1948 to 1745 and then to 1968. Add to these are the dizzying colors of Claire’s clothes that also displayed her bosoms to the hilt.

In the midst of these changes, one thing remained constant in Outlander. It is the memorable, albeit cheesy lines (if they are from Claire), that help make Outlander such a hit among its followers.

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). Photo from outlander-online.

Outlander’s Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe). Photo from outlander-online.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from Outlander Season 2:

“I wished I were dead.” – Claire Randall Fraser, upon learning that she was not in 18th century Scotland anymore.

“I am not Joseph! And she is not Mary, and I am very certain that the father is not God Almighty, that he was a man who fucked my wife!” – Frank Randall, upon learning that Claire was pregnant after a three-year absence.

“There’s always another fucking war.” – Murtagh Fraser

Outlander’s Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix). Photo from blogs.wsj.com

Outlander’s Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix). Photo from blogs.wsj.com

“It’s so warm and so comforting being put on. And so painful when it is pulled off. Such is life.” – Louis de Rohan says about waxing her honeypot.

“Wine is for drinking, not for selling.” – Murtagh Fraser

“Scotland doesn’t exactly smell like a lady’s boudoir.” – Jamie Fraser

“Aye. But it’s an animal smell. This city reeks of the chamber pot.” – Murtagh Fraser’s answer to Jamie’s defense of Paris’ smell.

“Jaime, this is why I admire the French. They’re so wonderfully vulgar. They never allow their exquisite manners to interfere with their basic instincts.” – Prince Charles Stuart says after a creative performance in a brothel ended with a promotion of the use of dildo.

Outlander’s Prince Charles Stuart (Andrew Gower). Photo from ign.com

Outlander’s Prince Charles Stuart (Andrew Gower). Photo from ign.com

“Only in France does the king needs an audience to shite.” – Murtagh Fraser to Jamie, while watching King Louis XV take a dump. Jamie helpfully suggests to the king to eat porridge to help with his royalty’s bowel movement.

“Told you that dress would bring us grief.” – Jaime Fraser says of Claire’s red gown, after Claire got the unwanted attention of the finance minister of France. In fairness to the minister, the red gown’s front plunges way down to Claire’s navel area. It is not the red dress on the photo above.

“What is politics but chess on a grand scale?” – Jaime Fraser explaining his regular chess games with the finance minister.

“So tell me, how will lancing boils and tasting urine help us to save Scotland?” – Jaime Fraser downplays Claire’s volunteering as a medical assistant at a local hospital in Paris.

“I salute you, Master Raymond, you evil bastard. And you, witch who sucks the cock of the devil. I’ll see you in hell.” – Comte St. Germain’s last words before he died.

“I slept with the king.” – Claire Fraser confesses to Jaime.

“You did it to save my life. Just like I slept with Randall to save you.” – Jaime Fraser’s reply to Claire’s confession.

“My grandsa isn’t opposed to a little decoration at the dinner table, as long as the decoration doesna speak.” – Jaime Fraser to Claire

“I’m just trying to educate the lad on the finer points of travelling in the Highlands.” – Murtagh Fraser’s reason for forcing Fergus “to mend his socks and to fetch his meals”.

“I do love my reflection, but make no mistake, lass, I love Scotland more, and I would give everything … everything I have or ever will have, including my life, to see a Stuart back on the throne.” – Dougal MacKenzie reply after Claire called him narcissistic.

Outlander’s Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish). Photo from vertele.com

Outlander’s Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish). Photo from vertele.com

“Angus, surely there’s another woman you could kiss goodbye”? – Claire Fraser

“She’s even misspelled “help””. – Murtagh Fraser criticizes Claire’s Gaelic.

“I kept my word. I lay my vengeance at your feet.” – Murtagh Fraser as he plops down the roughly chopped off head of the Duke of Sandringham at Mary Hawkis’ feet.

“What kind of God creates a world where monsters thrive and beauty and purity is rewarded with poverty and death?” – Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall

“That day at Craig na Dun, we said a lot of things, but there’s one thing I didn’t say. Couldn’t. I haven’t for twenty years. But I’m here, and now it’s time. Goodbye, Jamie Fraser, my love. Rest easy, soldier.” – Claire Fraser

“You’re telling me daddy’s not my father, but some 6’3”, 210 pounds of muscle Scotsman from 200 years ago? With blue eyes that pierce right into your heart?” – Brianna Randall

“What Jamie and I had was a hell of a lot more than fucking.” – Claire Fraser

“I won’t be. I will be dying with you.” – Murtagh Fraser when Jamie asks him not to die for nothing.

“Mark me.” – Prince Charles Stuart, in several occasions


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