Casa Roces Malacañan (Manila)

Casa Roces Malacañan is a full-service restaurant and café located in front Philippines’ seat of power – Malacañang Palace. It goes without saying Filipino movers and shakers in their barong Tagalog and business suits frequent this place for their power meals and lively discussions. Aside from its esteemed location, Casa Roces Malacañan has long been the setting of many historical events, as it is the ancestral home of the Roces family, one of the more important clans in the country. The Roces ancestral home was converted into a two-story into a lovely dining place The ground floor serves as Kape Chino – a name derived from Joaquin “Chino” Roces, one of the more popular public servants known to the young due to the thoroughfares also named after him. It also houses a dessert bar and a memorabilia and accessories shop. The second floor is the events place with a few function rooms that vary in sizes. It has also a well-appointed sitting area and the Galeria Roces in the common area.

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Here are some of the photos taken at Casa Roces Malacañan, Manila City:

Casa Roces Malacañan in Manila

The gate of Casa Roces Malacañan

The main door of Casa Roces Malacañan

The exterior of Casa Roces Malacañan

Art installation in the ground of Casa Roces Malacañan

Sitting area that faces Malacañan Palace

Sitting area as seen from inside the restaurant

This sitting area is found at the back of Casa Roces Malacañan

One of the long tables inside Casa Roces Malacañan

The interior of Casa Roces Malacañan

Dining tables near the dessert bar

This area is open during the peak hours. I took this photo as soon as the restaurant opened at 8am.

Between the toilet of the Damas and the Caballeros

Some of the Roces family memorabilia that adorn the restaurant

One of the sitting areas in the ground floor

Some of the portraits of the Roces family members hang on the wall adjacent to the sitting area

This nook is below the stairs leading to the second floor

Wooden stairs leading to the second floor

Galeria Roces

Sitting area in the second floor

One of the function rooms in the second floor

Pancakes, P110.00 (US $2.16). Two pieces of pancakes served with muscovado, butter, and honey. This is heavy. One pancake can stave off hunger for a couple of hours.

Lengua in Mushroom Sauce, P450.00 (US $8.82). Tender slices of braised ox tongue in tomato base with mushrooms and olives.

Oven-baked Salmon Wellington, P460.00 (US $9.02). Salmon fillet stuffed with Boursin cheese in flakey pastry crust with spinach lemon cream sauce. If there a was tad more sauce, it would have been a great meal. I finished this without difficulty, and I was neither full nor hungry afterwards. I can say that the serving size is okay.

Mango Shake, P155.00 (US $3.04)

Pineapple Shake, P155.00 (US $ 3.04)

Dalandan Shake, P155.00 (US $3.04). It was refreshing and it was pure bliss.

Casa Roces bottled products: Gourmet Tuyo Regular and Spanish Sardines Regular

Casa Roces bottled products: Gourmet Tuyo Spicy, Pomodoro Sauce, and Organic Achara

Casa Roces Malacañan Breakfast Menu

Casa Roces Omelette

Casa Roces Malacañan Menu: Appetizers, Salad, and Soup

Casa Roces Crispy Lengua Ceasar Salad

Casa Roces Malacañan Menu: Entrées

Casa Roces Pescado en Salsa Verde

Casa Roces Malacañan Menu: Pasta, Paellas, Sandwiches, and Ensaimadas de Casa Roces

Casa Roces Paella Negra

Casa Roces Malacañan Menu: Desserts, Beverages, Cakes, Hot Coffee, Cold Coffee, and House Wines

Casa Roces Malacañan Frozen Soufflé

Casa Roces Set Menu for 10 persons

Casa Roces Amor San Valentin Menu from February 14 to 18, 2018.


Casa Roces Malacañan Contact Numbers for Reservation:

(0905) 976 – 52000 or (02) 735 – 5896


Casa Roces Malacañan Address:

1153 J.P. Laurel Corner Aguado Street, San Miguel, Manila

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