Orchid Show

The Philippine Orchid Society (POS) has an ongoing Orchid Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The exhibit and plant bazaar started on August 30, 2014, and it will run until September 8, 2014. The show proudly displays various Philippine orchid species, bonsai and garden landscape. The highlight of the show is the queen of Philippine orchids—the Waling-waling. For only P30.00 (US $0.69), one can see the attractive floral displays, check out the plant bazaar and attend the free seminars about landscaping, floral arrangement and gardening, among other things.

There was a competition among the hobbyists, and here are some of the winning entries:

Vangie B. Go: Best in Orchid Show and Best Vanda sanderiana
The display of Malvarosa Orchids and Nani Perez: Best Cattleya
Malvarosa Orchids and Nani Perez: Best Paphiopedilum
Cora and Anna Ruth Purificacion: Best Oncidium
Susan and Manuel Lee: Best Philippine Species and Best Other Genera-Sympodial Orchid
The second display of Cora and Anna Ruth Purificacion: Best Orchid Showcase Exhibit, Best Dendrobium, Best Phalaenopsis and Best Vandaceous Alliance

Aside from the colorful orchids, the show includes bonsai displays.

Lee’s Bonsai Haven: Best Ornamental Showcase Exhibit which includes tugas (leftmost) and kamuning (center)
Andy Metilla’s display
Andy Metilla’s display

There are tarpaulin displays of Philippine orchids throughout the exhibit area. They contain the names of the flowers and some relevant information about them. Each winning entry has a blue ribbon from the POS.

Just a few of the many orchids endemic to the Philippines
The coveted blue ribbon given by POS to the winners

After looking at the iridescent floral displays, Ares, Albert and I proceed to the plant bazaar located next to the exhibit area. The bazaar is a piece of heaven for garden enthusiasts. There are stalls selling different species of orchids (most of which are the same ones with the winning entries in the orchid competition), other flowering plants, non-flowering plants, clay pots (plain or with playful design) and landscaping tools, just to name a few.

This wall of plants welcomes the visitors to the plant bazaar
Some of the colorful plants available at the bazaar
Some of the green plants sold at the bazaar. The first one is a pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant that entices insects to their death.
Beautiful pots that hold equally stunning flowers

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