Omakase Japanese Cuisine (Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City)

Omakase Japanese Cuisine, a sushi restaurant, is one of the places we frequent to after our Spanish class. It is one of the several dining areas in Ayala Triangle Gardens, but what sets Omakase apart from the other restaurants is the quietude in the place no matter how full it is. It also helps that our favorite server, Ghody, works there.

Dining in Omakase usually means that I order something with salmon in it – from seafood bento (the only meal I have not finished, it was just too much! Too much goodness though) to salmon cream korokke. I usually order seafood platter, but for some reason, I have not taken a photo of that particular dish. Weird! In the many times that I have had their salmon dishes, Omakase has never failed to deliver. If that is not consistency, I do not know what is.

Thank you, V, for these lunches. 🙂

Here are some of the photos taken in Omakase:

Omakase Japanese Cuisine Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City

Fuji Nachos, P220.00 (US $4.40). Nachos with tomatoes, pickles, green bell pepper, black olives, crabsticks, cheese, and ground pork with wasabi mayo. Oh my goodness. This appetizer is such a crackerjack! The nachos remain crisp (thankfully!) and the rest of the ingredients complement each other to create a flavorful party in my mouth.

Okonomiyaki, P220.00 (US $4.40). Pan-fried Japanese pancake with cabbage, crabsticks, and pork, sprinkled with bonito flakes. Lunch at Omakase is not complete without this appetizer. It is such a Miss Universe-looking kind of dish, and its flavor backs up the aesthetics.

Omakase Japanese Cuisine’s Okonomiyaki

Salmon Cream Korokke, P165.00 (US $3.30). Salmon croquets filled with creamy sauce. I did not like the filling. It was too dense for my taste.

Seafood Dumplings, P190.00 (US $3.80). Deep fried seafood wrapped in nori. The mayonnaise dressing that comes with the dumplings are worth every calorie one would like to lose in a week. The dumplings are not dry but tender. This closely follows Okonomiyaki as the most ordered appetizer.

Sunset Roll, P260.00 (US $5.20). Chopped salmon, cucumber and chili oil, served with special spicy sauce.

Green Dragon, P325.00 (US $6.50). Ebi tempura, unagi and kani, with seaweed salad on top.

Salmon Teppan, P285.00 (US $5.70). Pan-grilled salmon fillet served with sautéed vegetables. I always devour the salmon like they were my last meal on earth. Just so tender, juicy, and yum!

Seafood Bento, P470.00 (US $9.40). Seafood teppan, kakiage, sashimi, miso soup, potato salad, garlic rice, and dessert (ice cream). Yes, it was too much food for one person. I ordered this once and never repeated doing it. All the elements on the dish tasted beautiful, but my stomach could only stretch so much.

Salmon Platter. This is a new product they introduced two weeks ago. The small slices of salmon are well, tiny, but they are packed with flavor! The skin of the salmon is left on the fish, so it adds a different texture and a certain degree of saltiness to the dish. It is a wonderful plate. ☺

Beef Platter. Like the salmon just above it, this is a new dish.

Avocado Ice Cream with Coffee Jelly, P115.00 (US $2.30). Let me tell you that the coffee jelly is sooo good. This is coming from a person who does not drink coffee. ☺

Banana Nut a la Mode, P130.00 (US $2.60). Love the turon way of serving the banana. Love the nuts. Love the presentation. Lovelovelove.

Black Sesame Ice Cream, P85.00 (US $1.70). The texture can be more refined because it is a little distracting, but the taste is okay – not to sweet but not too memorable either.

Tempura Ice Cream, P110.00 (US $2.20). I thought that this ice cream would be weird, but it was not. It tasted divine. It tasted better than it looked.

Vanilla Ice Cream with Coffee Jelly. P115.00 (US $2.30).

Omakase Japanese Cuisine Christmas Platters 2017

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Omakase Japanese Cuisine Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City Contact Numbers for Reservation:

(02) 551 – 6030 and (02) 621 – 3427


Omakase Japanese Cuisine Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati City Operating Hours:

11am – 10pm daily

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