Olivia’s Concept Café

Olivia’s Concept Café in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City offers varied dishes with a twist and as many options for caffeinated drinks. It caters mainly to students of Ateneo de Manila University and to those living in Blue Residences and nearby areas.

Olivia’s Concept Café opens at 10am. We dropped by at 1120am and the place was empty (two people occupied another table during our meal). Several of the food items on the menu were not available at the time, notably the pizzas. I hope it was a one-time thing.

Here are some of the photos taken at Olivia’s Concept Café:

Interior of Olivia’s Concept Café

Interior of Olivia’s Concept Café

Top view of the ground floor eating area of Olivia’s Concept Café

More eating area at the second floor of Olivia’s Concept Café

List of flavored coffee, regular coffee, and tea drinks

Some of the food items and their images light up the area above the counter

Beef Rendang, P189.00 (US $3.78). Beef randang has beef sirloin, chorizo Bilbao, coconut cream-curry sauce, carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers. The guy who made it said it was spicy. I said it is okay. I tasted it and it was spicy, all right, but not super spicy. The problem was, the spice was all I could taste and the coconut cream-curry sauce was not very evident. It was a one-note dish.

Poutine, P119.00 (US $2.38). Poutine is potato fries with gravy, parmesan cheese, and bacon bits. The positive things about this dish were the crisp fries and the bigger-than-most bacon bits. The negative thing about this dish was the malnourished fries that had almost nothing in the middle. Jollibee fries have more flesh in them.


The Works Burger, P219.00 (US $4.38). The Works Burger is served with potato fries (potato chips are an option, too) and a choice of cheese, honey mustard, ranch, or buffalo dressing. The patty was overcooked, although Che said it tasted okay. I had some of the fries and they were also crisp and tasted well but they were as thin as the fries in poutine.

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Olivia’s Concept Café Menu: Value Meal, All-Day Breakfast, and Entrée

Olivia’s Concept Café Menu: Soup, Salad, Appetizer, Pasta, Entrée, and Pizza

Olivia’s Concept Café Menu: Salad, Appetizer, Specials, Herbed Thin Crust Pizza, and Pasta

Olivia’s Concept Café Menu: Regular Coffee, Flavored Coffee, Non-Caffeinated Drinks, Soda, Tea, Alcoholic, and Bottled Water


Olivia’s Concept Café Contact Number: (02) 625 – 4374

Olivia’s Concept Café Hours of Operation: 10am to 10pm daily 

Olivia’s Concept Café Address: Unit 102, Blue Residences, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City

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