Maria Cristina Falls

At the tail end of a four-day trip to Iligan City, our group of four was fortunate enough to get inside the premises of Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant. Within the compound, at the leftmost part of an otherwise unblemished greenery, proudly stands Maria Cristina Falls. It looks like a blinding white light gracefully cascading from the top of the trees. The 320-foot waterfall is not only beautiful like its name, it is also useful for the locals and the businesses, as it is also the primary source of electric power for Iligan City. One cannot imagine the importance of Maria Cristina Falls to Iligan City, the Industrial Center of the South, whose economy is largely based on the sprawling factories that dot its coastline.

Our visit was short, so we were not able to see the botanical garden and the rescued animals that are being kept there. Maybe next time!

I just want to say that Iligan City is peaceful. Yes, there is an 11pm curfew. Yes, there are several military checkpoints. These are expected given its proximity to Marawi. But it is quiet in Iligan City, the people are very nice, helpful and cheerful. Do not be afraid to visit. Of course, do not do anything in Iligan City that you will not do in other places.

I Love Maria Cristina Falls.

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City with the mini-jungle and mini-concrete jungle on either side.

Below is a video of Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City.


Maria Cristina Falls as seen from the viewing deck.

A not-so-close closer look at Maria Cristina Falls. ☺

So excited to take a photo with Maria Cristina Falls in the background.

The biggest and tallest tree I saw in the area.

The roots of the tree, with the guy in blue shirt as scale reference.

Outside the gate of Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant.

Below are more videos of the cascading water of Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City.



Thank you, Sir Rodil for showing us the breathtaking beauty of Iligan City. 🙂

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