Latino’s Diner and Café (Iligan City)

Latino’s Diner and Café in Iligan City does not offer Latin American cuisine but Filipino food. The Latino part of the name comes from the radio call sign of the owner of the diner and café.

Aside from its extensive selection of Filipino dishes, Latino’s Diner and Café has a decent bar and shelves of pastries. The latter is what matters most to me. 🙂

Latino’s Diner and Café signage

The main entrance of Latino’s Diner and Café signage

Here are some of the dishes available at Latino’s Diner and Café, Iligan City:

Latino’s Diner and Café menu shows that it offers seafood, goat, chicken, beef, noodles and pasta, desserts and refreshments, and salad.

Latino’s Diner and Café also sells drinks, from coffee to hard ones, with pulutan.

Lapu-lapu Sinigang, P240.00 (US $4.80). I loved the broth. It was hot but not scalding and it had depth of flavor. It was a welcome bowl of love after a morning of walking.

Kinilaw, P205.00 (US $4.10). I like kinilaw and this one was no exception. I ate some of the chopped sili and I almost teared up. I asked for milk, and the staff quickly provided me with evaporated milk. I drank it and resumed eating the kinilaw. Yum!

Squid Adobo with Ata, P185.00 (US $3.70). I gathered that “ata” means squid ink. This one was tasty and the squid sweet and was not rubbery.

Mixed Seafood in Garlic, P185.00 (US $3.70). This plate was to my right. Let us say that I was a happy camper. I had a little of everything except the crab. I thought it required too much work. ☺

Palamig, P150.00 (US $3.00). I was coughing (still coughing as of this writing), so I did my best to stay away from unnecessary cold drinks.

Sikreto ni Maria, P90.00 (US $1.80). I thought Maria referred to Maria Cristina Falls, but it actually refers to the wife of the owner. This dessert is like turon with a twist. The twist is not the scoop of ice cream on top, but the content of the apa. It has sliced and cooked ube, langka, banana, and other things that are synonymous with ginataan. I did not eat it with the ice cream, but Sikreto ni Maria was goooood. She should keep it a secret forever.

Latino’s Diner and Café pastries

Latino’s Diner and Café cakes

Latino’s Diner and Café desserts

Latino’s Diner and Café bar

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