Churrería La Lola (Glorietta 4, Makati City)

Churrería La Lola (tilde is mine) as the name says offers mainly churros. With its different flavors and variety of dips, La Lola turns the traditional churros into something cooler. Using only the best ingredients to make these freshly cooked churros, they help turn a frown upside down.

La Lola’s sign

La Lola’s Churros

La Lola’s Churros

La Lola’s churros being cooked in the shop, freshly cooked indeed

La Lola’s counter and products

La Lola’s ube choco churros and assorted churros medium, P195.00 (US $3.90)

La Lola’s house iced tea, P95.00 (US $1.90)

La Lola’s breakfast tea, P110.00 (US $2.20) and café con leche, P110.00 (US $2.20)

I like the festive look of the churros and the container ☺

La Lola’s UBEry good! I like ube and I love chocolate, so their ube choco churros was like the marriage of two beautiful individuals.

La Lola Menu: Churros Clasicos, Assorted, and Ultimate Mix and Dips

La Lola Menu: Muchos Churros, Barcelona Sandwich, and Churros Pops

La Lola Menu: Tsokolate Caliente

La Lola Menu: Lola Loops, Xuxos, and Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

La Lola Menu: Café, Tea, Soda in Can, and Bottled Drinks


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