Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park

Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park is the latest of the series of food parks that have sprouted in Metro Manila. This version of food haven has around a dozen kiosks along Abad Santos Street in San Juan City, where it got its name. It primarily caters to the families who live in and around Barangays Little Baguio and Greenhills.

Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park sellers offer various dishes, which include but not limited to, shawarma, lechon macau, sate bihon, beef barbacoa, and chicken wings. There are two outdoors eating areas, one on the ground and one on the second floor. The wooden tables and chairs are covered with tents to protect the customers from the unforgiving summer blaze that blankets the metro.

Here are some of the photos taken at Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park:

Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park signage at the entrance of the place

One of the eating areas of Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park

Each wooden table is marked with the logo of the place.

BBQ Shack is the kiosk immediately next to the entrance of Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park.

Carnivore Cookery

Afu’s Cuisine. I bought their 6-piece prawns tempura, P220.00 (US $4.40). The sauce was decent but the shrimps were a little tiny.

Afu’s Cuisine Menu

Chix & Cheese. This one looked the most interesting, but I had my fill of chicken for the day (from a restaurant where I had lunch).

Chix & Cheese Menu

Kariton Klasik offers Filipino dishes like kare-kare and bulalo.

El Bigotilyo Taqueria serves pollo adobo, pork carnitas, beef barbacoa, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

Rafik Shawarma sells lamb shawarma and wagyu shawarma. I had both, the first with rice and the second in a wrap. The meat was tender and juicy. I liked the vegetable and the sauces were creamy and flavorful.

Lamb Shawarma Rice. I think this one was P250.00 (US $5.00).

Bao Pls

Seventeen Shrimps Wings

The second floor has a kiosk that sells alcoholic beverages (hidden by one of the potted plants).

These colorful chairs on the second floor were unoccupied at lunch time.

The view of Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park from the second floor.

Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park from across the street.

You can also check out AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café, which is on the second floor of TNA Building, also known as the building next to Kalye 1 Abad Santos Food Park.


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