In and Around Legazpi City

My schedule the morning of the day I left Legazpi City for Manila suddenly cleared up. While I was in the hotel room, I Googled places to visit in Legazpi City and hoped for Cagsawa Ruins. Unfortunately, the local I was with informed me that with the allotted two hours, the trip to Cagsawa Ruins was out of the question due to the heavy traffic caused by construction along the highway. He suggested that we go to Ligñon Hill Nature Park and buy pasalubong afterwards. Of course, I wholeheartedly agreed. On the way back to Hotel Venezia from Ligñon Hill Nature Park, I learned that my free time was extended by another 90 minutes, so we decided to drive around Legazpi City – from the port and bay walk area all the way to the ATV places – and buy more pasalubong. Needless to say, it was a fun yet expensive experience.

I did not climb Mount Mayon this time around, but it looks so gorgeous in the photo that I feel bad not including it here. ☺

Ligñon Hill Nature Park, which is also in the previous photo with Mayon Volcano

Legazpi City bay walk area

A couple of boys who claimed they had no class that day posed with me.

Kapuntukan Hill, which looks like a sleeping lion. This is so very Lannister. Hear me roar!

Me with the 90% of the sleeping lion, the sigil of my Lannister relatives.

Mr. Crab Seafood Dinner along Airport Road, Washington Drive Legazpi City. Mr. Crab Seafood Dinner’s contact number: (0906) 591 – 5324 and (0908) 618 – 3503.

Mr. Crab Seafood Dinner offers buffet dinner with decent spread of Bicolano and seafood dishes.

Albay Pilinut Candy Store – the home of delectable pasalubong from Albay. Albay Pilinut Candy’s address: 873 Rizal St., Old Albay District, Legazpi City. Albay Pilinut Candy’s contact number: (0917) 558 – 0493.

Some of the pasalubong available at Albay Pilinut Candy Store

Ibalong Pasalubong Center

Some of the Bicolano products available at Ibalong Pasalubong Center

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