Hotel Venezia (Legazpi City)

Hotel Venezia in Legazpi City is a short drive away from Legazpi City Airport and to a certain extent can be called in close proximity to the breathtaking Mayon Volcano, yet it is nestled in a relatively secluded area as it is situated within the premises of an exclusive and upscale subdivision. This three-star, 40-room boutique hotel offers a relaxing place to be in for businessmen and tourists alike.

Upon arrival at Hotel Venezia, I was immediately offered glass of ice-cold drink, which I might or might not have chugged down like a seasoned sailor. 🙂 Throughout my two-day stay at Hotel Venezia, the staff – from the receptionists to the guards – has been very kind and accommodating. I must have called the front desk almost ten times, mostly because I was being OC (I am pretty chill 90% of the time).

The breakfast buffet I partook in, which was served in Caffe San Marco, had a decent selection of dishes and most of what I tasted was flavorful and downright sinful. I think I ate at least three plates of food for two consecutive mornings. Although I was to tempted to try a slice of Venezian cake, I had a modicum of discipline not to give in to my craving and had their chocolate crinkles. It was a letdown, my disappointed belly gave me a side eye and uttered, “I told you so” in growls.

The rooms I was in, one I occupied for only a couple of hours, were Junior Suite and Standard Room.

Here are some of the photos taken in Hotel Venezia in Legazpi City:

The façade of Hotel Venezia in Legazpi City

Hotel Venezia in Renaissance Gardens, Washington Drive, Legazpi City. My room was on the far end of the photo.

The main entrance of Hotel Venezia

The outdoor sitting/dining area next to the main entrance

Sitting area in the lobby, to the left of the entrance

Sitting area in the lobby, to the right of the main entrance

Massage chairs

Aerial view of the lobby

Pili nuts in different flavors, products of Albay, are available for sale. The prices, at P170.00 (US $3.32) per pack, are almost twice the listed price at Albay Pili Candy Store (I will write about this on a different entry).

Stairs leading to the second floor of the main building. I know that I took this photo from the top of the stairs on the second floor.

One of the sitting areas on the second floor of the main building

One of the sitting areas on the second floor of the right wing of Hotel Venezia

Framed signed poster of Senator Manny Pacquaio hanging on a wall near the front desk

Room service menu of Hotel Venezia Legazpi City

Inside a Junior Suite, P4270.00 (US $83.28) per day

The bed. There is a writing desk next to the bed and a full-length mirror, which I appreciated. ☺

TV set, mini ref beneath the TV set, and sitting area, which is next to the veranda that looks out to the Mayon Volcano.

Closet with bathrobe, safe, and the all-important slippers! (not in photo)

Complimentary water and other stuff

Complimentary coffee and not-complimentary coffee maker

Shower. Complimentary shampoo, body lotion, bath gel, soap, and toothbrush and toothpaste are available. The body lotion smelled nice, but I cannot say the same thing about the shampoo.

Sink and hair dryer!

Inside a Standard Room, P3050.00 (US $59.48) per day

The bed

Writing desk, TV set, and hair dryer!!!


I liked the minimalist approach.

Veranda with the view of the street and the property across the hotel. It was a little too humid to stay outdoors, especially for me who sweats like a pig.

Caffe San Marco

The waitstaff of Caffe San Marco, Hotel Venezia, Legazpi City.

Cakes available at Caffe San Marco: cheesecakes, P180.00 (US $3.51) per slice and Venezian cake, P170.00 (US $3.32) per slice

Dining area of Caffe San Marco

Dining area of Caffe San Marco

Buffet table


Services offered by Hotel Venezia

For more information, please visit

Hotel Venezia Legazpi City Rates (include buffet breakfast and roundtrip transfer):

Standard Rooms: P3,050 (US $59.48) per day

Junior Suites: P4,270 (US $83.28) per day

One-bedroom Suite: P6,100 (US $118.97) per day


Hotel Venezia Legazpi City Contact Details for Reservation:

(052) 481 0888 or (052) 742 0942

Mobile Numbers: (+63) 917 561 2256 or (+63) 939 917 0580

Email Address:


Hotel Venezia’s Address:

Renaissance Gardens, Washington Drive, Legazpi City

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