Heneral Luna: The Hugot Edition

In the previous entry, I wrote a lengthy composition about Artikulo Uno Productions’ Heneral Luna here.

Here are 20 memorable or hugot lines from the movie that will be repeated ad nauseam by the LUNAtics (fans of Heneral Luna). 🙂 I am guilty of saying four of them so far. The English translations are mine, so pardon the errors.

Artikulo Uno Productions' Heneral Luna movie poster.

Artikulo Uno Productions’ Heneral Luna movie poster.


  1. “Para kayong mga birhen na naniniwala sa pag-ibig ng isang puta!” (You are all like virgins who believe in the love of a whore!) – Heneral Luna uttered this memorable line during a heated discussion with political leaders who believed that the Americans wanted to be friends with the Filipinos.
  1. ¡No me jodas!” (Do not fuck with me!) – Heneral Luna. I miss my Spanish class. 🙁
  1. “Bayan o sarili? Mamili ka!” (Country or self? Choose!) – Heneral Luna asked the politicians who were worried for the future of their businesses, in the middle of a national crisis.
  1. “Malaking trabaho ang ipagkaisa ang bansang watak-watak” (It takes a lot of effort to unite a divided nation.) – Heneral Luna to Joven Hernando, a journalist. “Joven” is young in Spanish, so maybe Heneral Luna was actually addressing the youth of today. 🙂
  1. “Mabuti’t walang nakaaangat sa batas.” – Laureana Luna, Heneral Luna’s mother, upon confirming that Antonio let his brother Joaquin sit in jail for two days rather than using the general’s power to set him free. Those in power should take note.
  1. “Ang sinumang hindi sumunod sa kautusan ay tatanggalan ng ranggo, armas at ipapapatay ng walang paglilitis sa hukumang militar.” (Anyone who refuses to follow orders shall be stripped of rank, weapons and shall be executed without the benefit of a trial in the military court.) – Artikulo Uno or Article One, mentioned several times when Heneral Luna faced insubordination or wanted to get improbable things done.
  1. “Nasubukan mo na bang hulihin ang hangin?” (Have you tried catching air?) – Pres. Aguinaldo said cryptically of Heneral Luna.
  1. “Nasa ibang ulo ang utak ng inyong kapitan. Hindi naman gaanong malaki ang ulo niya.” (The brain of your captain is in a different head (genitalia). His head is not that big.) – Heneral Luna referring to Captain Janolino. He said it in front of Janolino’s men, while grabbing the latter’s head down south the whole time.
  1. “Asintahin mo nang maayos. Sayang ang bala!” (Aim well. Do not waste your bullets!) – Heneral Luna reprimanded a random soldier while they were deep in a ditch, battling the American soldiers under General Arthur MacArthur.
  1. “Ganito ba talaga ang tadhana natin? Kalaban ang kalaban. Kalaban ang kakampi. Nakakapagod.” (Is this really our fate? Our enemies are our enemies. Our allies are our enemies.) – Heneral Luna
  1. “Mas madali pang pagkasunduin ang langit at lupa kaysa sa dalawang Pilipino tungkol sa kahit anong bagay.” (It is easier for heaven and earth to reconcile than two Filipinos about anything.) – Heneral Luna
  1. “Giyera ang asawa mo. Ako ang kabit.” (War is your wife. I am the mistress) – Isabel, Heneral Luna’s lover
  1. “Wala na tayong panahon para sa mga bagay na hindi natin kayang panindigan.” (We do not have time for things we cannot uphold.) – Isabel. This is my third favorite line.
  1. “May mas malaki tayong kalaban kaysa sa mga Amerikano, ang ating sarili.” (We have bigger/worse enemies than the Americans, ourselves.) – Heneral Luna
  1. “Mas magandang mamatay sa digmaan kaysa magpasakop sa dayuhan.” (It is better to die in battle than to submit to foreign power.) – Heneral Luna.
  1. “Handang magtapon ng dugo ang totoong makabayan. Hindi pagdurusa ang pagdaan sa matinding pasakit. Para kang tumanggap ng basbas, parang pag-ibig.” (A true patriot is ready to spill his blood. To experience great pain is not suffering. It is like receiving blessing, like love.) – Colonel Paco Román, the poetic one among Luna’s trusted men
  1. “Walang nakaaangat sa batas, kahit na presidente.” (Nobody is above the law, even the president.) – Heneral Luna, referring to a possible betrayal of fellow Filipinos to the cause of the First Philippine Republic
  1. “Ang taong may damdamin ay hindi alipin.” (A person with emotions is not a slave.) – Heneral Luna
  1. “Gagalaw pa ba ‘yan?!?” (Will it move again?!?) – Trinidad Aguinaldo shouted from the window after Heneral Luna was assassinated by members of the Cavite Brigade
  1. “Ingles-inglesin mo ako sa bayan ko?!?” Followed by expletives (How dare you speak with me in English in my own land?!?) – Heneral Luna, frustrated and exasperated after talking to an American in French and in halting English.



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  1. Ang lakas makahugot.. Iboto c Rose sa pagiging makabayan… hahahaha.. 🙂 I like the lines 3-4, 7 & 10.. ika nga matalinghaga pero may laman.. napapanahon pa naman sa sitwasyon natin..

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