Filipino Food – Kakanin at Iba Pa

Kakanin (Filipino native delicacies) usually uses glutinous rice or root crops with different toppings. They are commonly eaten during afternoon snacks, or during religious holidays, at least in my town. Although I grew up eating them, I am not a fan of kakanin because they are a meal in themselves. However,I cannot resist biko (cake made from glutinous rice and coconut milk) or espasol (cylindrical delicacy with rice flour, coconut milk, and shredded coconut meat).

Last week, I went to Fisher Mall in Quezon City for lunch. Near the entrance of the mall were long tables brimming with kakanin and other regional Philippine products. They were sold at 12% discount. Why 12%, you ask? Philippines Independence Day is celebrated every 12th day of June, hence the 12% on all Filipino food items. Without second thoughts, I bought some of the products. Not the kakanin though because I had an all-meat buffet lunch. Eating kakanin would have been gluttony.

Here are some photos of the kakanin and other Filipino items available at Fisher Mall:

Special Suman Langka with Biko, 6 pieces, P85.00 (US $1.70) and Special Suman Biko with Buko, 6 pieces, P85.00 (US $1.70)

Special Suman Pinipig with Buko, 6 pieces, P85.00 (US $1.70)

Biko Pinipig with Ube, P70.00 (US $1.40)

Biko Pinipig with Ube Slice, P70.00 (US $1.40)

Espasol Pinipig, P70.00 (US $1.40)

Assorted Kakanin, P70.00 (US $1.40)

Kutsinta with Cheese, P100.00 (US $2.00)

Kutsinta Big, 17 pieces, P155.00 (US $3.10)

Puto with Cheese

Puto Colored, P100.00 (US $2.00)

Puto Polo, P100.00 (US $2.00)

Yema Cake

Cole’s Pinoy Sweet Treats Macapuno Plain (White), Langka (Yellow), and Ube (Violet), P56.00 (US $1.12)

Cole’s Pinoy Sweet Treats Macapuno Plain, P56.00 (US $1.12). I have not eaten it yet. Soon.

Cole’s Pinoy Sweet Treats Pastillas de Leche Assorted Flavors

Cole’s Pinoy Sweet Treats Pastillas de Leche Plain, 25 pieces, P78.50 (US $1.57). For its price, it is good. I ate 15 in one sitting.

Caamp’s Red Velvet Crinkles with Cream Cheese Frosting, 450 grams, P125.00 (US $2.50). Usually when I red velvet crinkles, I eat 80% of the crinkles. This time, I ate 3 crinkles out of 18. It was not so sweet, which is a plus, but I did not like the taste of the frosting.

Bongbong’s Special Biscocho and Piaya from Bacolod. Bongbong’s products have infiltrated the Iloilo market as well. I have eaten them since I was in high school. Their biscocho is better than the leading brand from Iloilo, sad but it is true. Their piaya is the best I have tasted, and I always choose this as pasalubong instead of the Ilonggo brand. For related entries, please read Pasalubong – Iloilo, Part I and Pasalubong – Iloilo, Part II.

Special Chicken Butcheron Spicy, large, P190.00 (US $3.80)

Special Chicken Butcheron Regular, medium, P100.00 (US $2.00). I tried both flavors, and they are as tasty as they are sinful.

Ybanag’s Chicha-rabao Carabao Chicharon, Garlic Flavor. I skipped it because I already had the butcheron. Now, I am regretting it.

Ilocos Fish Crackers

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