Fantasy World (Batangas)

Fantasy World, a 30-hectare theme park in Lemery, Batangas would have been Philippines’ version of Disneyland, but the happiest place on earth is safe for now from this encroachment.

Built in 2001, Fantasy World was touted to offer Filipinos a taste of fairytale magic via at least four medieval-themed castles, towers in which girls and ladies-young-at-heart could pretend to be damsels in distress waiting for Prince Charming to rescue them, a hanging bridge between tree houses, well-manicured gardens, and multiple rides, all enclosed in thick walls that rival those found in Intramuros. Adding enchantment to this magnificent spot are the greenery that surrounds it and the distant view of the Taal Lake. Alas, Fantasy World was not meant to be, as the financier, a Japanese businessman, of the project was not able to see his dream come to fruition due to money trouble.

Presently, Fantasy World is nothing like what it was imagined it to be, yet it is still a sight to behold. The castles are crumbling a little and the rides are not functional, but the mystique of surrealism is front and center. It is a great escape for those who want to dream in the midst of a chaotic world or a location for a few hours of bonding with family or a video shoot for one’s little boy who wishes to be a rock star for one day.

Fantasy World is commonly used as backdrop for prenuptial and pre-debut photo and video shoots, among other things.

The main castle of Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas. Photo by Juan

Juan and I in Fantasy World. Thank you to the girl we badgered into getting this panoramic shot.

In addition to the main castle, there are three other medieval-themed castles behind it, and the four of them form a quadrangle where guests can take photos or sit on benches.

The main castle as seen from the quadrangle

This castle is parallel to the main one. The tower on the right is open. The climb is rather arduous but the 360-degree view of Fantasy World and that part of Batangas from the top of the tower is worth the effort.

The tower in all its glory. Photo by Juan

The stairs and the ceiling of the tower

TR and TJ climbed the tower to marvel at the view. Photo by Juan

Juan in his emo state.

Juan and I at the top of the tower.

View of another castle from the top of the tower

View of the tree houses and hanging bridge and some of the rides from the top of the tower. Photo by Juan

View of the lake

Juan looks like TJ in front of the castle.

The castle perpendicular to the second one (do you still follow?). Photo by Juan

This chapel is found in the third castle. Photo by Juan

Castles two and three together. Photo by Juan

Panoramic shot of the castles as taken from the quadrangle. Photo by Juan

View of the fountain from the top of the tower.

And, we just had to pose with the fountain. The water was cool to the touch, and it was a welcome respite from the unceasing heat.

Ferris Wheel in Fantasy World. Photo by Juan

Of course, law-abiding citizen me had to ignore the yellow tape and sit in one of the cars of the Ferris Wheel. By the way, the metal was too hot to the touch. Photo by Juan

Another ride for kids in Fantasy World. Photo by Juan

The towers as seen from the spot near the rides. Photo by Juan

View of the lake from the hole in the wall of one of the tree houses. Photo by Juan

Juan and I in the hanging bridge. This was our practice test before our trip to Masungi Georeserve.

Juan feeling comfy in the hanging bridge.

Walls around Fantasy World

TR and TJ in Fantasy World. Photo by Juan

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Fantasy World (Lemery, Batangas) Entrance Fee:

P1,000.00 (US $20.00) for a group of up to 10 people. Each person in excess of 10, an additional P100.00 (US $2.00) will be charged.

Yes, if you go solo, you need to pay the same amount. No need to reserve in advance.


Fantasy World (Lemery, Batangas) Contact Number:



Fantasy World (Lemery, Batangas) Operating Hours:

8am to 730am daily


Fantasy World (Lemery, Batangas) Address:

Diokno Highway, Lemery, Batangas. It is hard to miss because the castles are visible from the higway.

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