El Príncipe – Season II, Part III

This is a summary of the last 2½ episodes, including the finale, of Spanish TV show El Príncipe. To read the events leading to this, please proceed to El Príncipe – Season II, Part II.

El Príncipe. Photo from vimeo.com

El Príncipe. Photo from vimeo.com

All roads lead to Granada where the major characters of El Príncipe converge. Khaled receives an award so prestigious that the kings of Spain and Morocco are in attendance. As part of her deal with Khaled, Fátima shows up as a happy and loving wife and in return, Khaled will tell her the whereabouts of Nayat. Although under investigation for his unprofessional behavior, Morey travels to Granada to keep Fátima’s safe because his suspicions of Khaled are confirmed by Fran’s investigation. Fran is there because he is awesome and knows the head of security at Casa Real, Castilla (Tito Valverde), also known as the vanquishing villain Dr. Enrique Vergel of Sin Identidad. Added into the mix is El Barco’s Juanjo Artero as Comisario Carlos “Charlie” Márquez.

El Príncipe guest stars Juanjo Artero as Carlos “Charlie” Márquez and Tito Valverde as Castilla. Photo from telecinco.es

El Príncipe guest stars Juanjo Artero as Carlos “Charlie” Márquez and Tito Valverde as Castilla. Photo from telecinco.es

Khaled is not outnumbered by the good guys. Ismael and a trio of young adults are also in Granada, ready to kill the hundreds of infieles (faithless) in attendance. Salman ushers in Nayat and three other girls dressed in waitress uniforms to serve food and drinks to guests, royals and commoners alike. So yes, Khaled helped Nayat’s wish to see Sergio once again weeks before the event in Granada, but Sergio was in full terrorist mode and did not pay attention to her. Nayat was crushed. Now, she has a bomb strapped into her midsection, just seconds from being blown into smithereens. She is tasked to be as close to the king of Spain as possible so Salman can detonate the bomb in her person, and with it her, the king and any poor soul unfortunate enough to be within the danger zone. She and the other girls cannot tell anyone or run away because Salman threatens to kill them or their family.

For the first time in weeks, Fátima and Nayat are in the same place, and at times, only feet from each other. However, the bond between them does not seem to be strong because they do not sense each other’s presence (I know it is just to add drama to the show).

One of the girls’ bombs explodes and French agent Sophie (Melina Matthews) suffers serious injuries. She relates to the authorities what she learns from the bomb girl that died, that there are other girls in waitress uniform strapped with bombs, then she eventually dies. Fran and Morey figure out that Nayat is one of the girls and frantically look for her in the crowd of injured or dead people.

Fran finally locates Nayat and finds the bomb in her belly. Fátima is hysterical and wants to be with her sister. Salman watches the whole scene with his thumb on the detonator, but Khaled wants to save Fátima, who is dangerously close to Nayat, so he bashes Salman’s head in to control the detonator. Fátima is booted out of the room and goes straight to Khaled. While Morey disarms the bomb Fátima calls him. I think this is the height of stupidity, and for a split second there I thought Morey would answer the phone and the bomb would explode, killing Nayat, Morey and Fátima.

Khaled uses the detonator to blackmail Fátima and forces her to leave with him. He states that as long as she is with him, the bomb will not explode and Nayat is safe. Unbeknownst to her, Morey succeeds in cutting the correct wires and such and the bomb is off Nayat’s body.

After a car chase, an appearance of helicopter and motorboat scene, Khaled and Fátima are back in their El Príncipe house to get clothes, important documents and cash (reminds me of Juan Prados of Sin Identidad). Local policemen led by Fran and Morey arrive and block the driveway. After an exchange of threats and gunfire and a succession of hostage takings, Khaled seems to be trapped inside his house with glass windows as his only protection. But, Khaled is a man with many plans. He mobilizes a group of boys armed to the teeth to attack the local police station and take the men and women in uniform, including Mati and Creepy Guy, as captives. To make matters worse, Sergio’s younger brother Juan Manuel learns that Mati shot and killed Sergio. To revenge his brother’s death, he wants to behead Mati and broadcast the proceedings live all over Spain.

El Príncipe Matilde “Mati” Vila Colomer (Thaïs Blume) about to be beheaded. Photo from telecinco.es

El Príncipe Matilde “Mati” Vila Colomer (Thaïs Blume) about to be beheaded. Photo from telecinco.es

Upon hearing the news, Fran pulls his men out of Khaled’s driveway but not after Morey voices out his disapproval. For Morey, Fátima is more important than a police squad. Fran puts his foot down and says, “es mi comisaria. Es mi gente. Es Mati.” (It is my police station. They are my people. It is Mati). With Khaled’s blessing, Morey remains on the front lawn of Khaled’s property, alone. It is mind-boggling why Khaled let him stay there and keep him alive.

Under Khaled’s instructions, Juan Manuel and his gang of trigger-happy terrorists shoot policemen and civilians at will, ignore Fran’s pleading and request for Khaled’s extraction from his property. After cutting the terrorists’ live feed of Mati’s execution, a bold move to enter the police station pays off as all the terrorists die except Juan Manuel. He surrenders and gets punched by Mati.

With Mati safe and shaken out of her stupor, she accompanies Fran to help Morey catch Khaled and rescue Fátima. After a short car chase, Khaled, with Fátima in tow, tries to go back to the motorboat to escape the police and Morey. Morey chases them, wounds Khaled and rescues Fátima. Fran arrives to the shooting a little bit late and gets the brunt of Khaled’s anger and receives two shots in the chest.

Khaled catches up to Morey and Fátima as they are about to board the boat. He tells her, “vuelve. Vuelve conmigo” (come back. Come back to me) but she chooses Morey. Khaled finally loses it and shoots blindly in their general direction. Morey and Fátima dive into the water. Khaled continues rage shooting. After what seems like an eternity, Morey resurfaces. Khaled is about to shoot him, but Fran reappears and shoots Khaled from behind. Fran grins evilly before he drops dead.

Still in the water, Morey shouts “Fátima!” several times before he sees her floating body. He brings her to the shore and lays her on the ground. He finds out that she has a bullet wound on her neck which he covers with his shirt to no avail. Fátima’s last words are, “Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida. Solo por conocerte, solo por besarte, ha merecido la pena todo esto. Te quiero.” (You are the best thing that happened to my life. Only for knowing you, only for kissing you, everything is worth it. I love you.) And with that, Fátima leaves this world in the arms of Morey, her greatest love.

As the camera zooms out and reveals the shore and the water and El Príncipe in the background, the voiceover says, “Los de aquí decimos que en El Príncipe todo acaba en agua salada o sea en lágrimas, o en el fondo del mar”.

El Príncipe

El Príncipe. The love triangle of Morey, Fátima and Khaled ended in several deaths and a sea of tears.

The Epilogue of El Príncipe:

It shows Faruq visiting Nayat in the hospital. Authorities arrest Robledo while shredding documents that can incriminate him. Raquel and Ruth, Fran’s wife and daughter, respectively, visit his grave. Morey is his emotional self, in tears while thinking of the first time he and Fátima made love to each other.

Stray Observations:

  1. Characters on the show continue to use Hisense phones, but they do not use passcodes on them. Why?
  1. Morey kept on threatening Khaled like he was Fátima’s husband and Khaled was the paramour. Makapal ang mukha niya. Also when he kicked or punched the air or vented frustration, he looked funny.
  1. When the group from the civic organization had a groufie (group selfie), they said, “patata”.
  1. I do not know why Fran had to die. 🙁 Why???????

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