Cream Horn – Reunited and It Feels so Good

If the pasalubong from Iloilo were my children, I would say I love them all, but I would add that I love some more than others. I would also state without hesitation that I love cream horns above all. Playing favorites among my imaginary children would put me in the same league as Katie Otto of American Housewife in her doting over daughter Anna-Kat. In my previous entry, I called cream horn as the José Mourinho of pasalubong. It is the special one. To read that entry, please proceed here.

It had been a while since I had my fill of cream horn from Iloilo or otherwise, so I bullied someone into buying a box and had it flown to Metro Manila and delivered it to my doorsteps in Quezon City. 🙂

So after what seemed like an eternity, I finally had my dirty little fingers on these babies. They looked so good and so inviting. The flaky pastry and the gooey cream in the center were perfection. I had to stop myself from eating one small box with ten cream horns in one sitting, so I had five as a compromise. Ohemmmgheee. It was heavenly.

Reuniting with a loved one really feels good. 🙂

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Margec’s Deli The House of Original Cream Horn large box of cream horn from Iloilo. It contains ten small boxes of cream horn.

Margec’s Deli’s small box of cream horn costs P190.00 (US $3.80).

Inside Margec’s Deli’s small box are ten cream horns.

Margec’s Deli’s cream horn, the best pasalubong from Iloilo

Margec’s Deli The House of Original Cream Horn address:

E. Lopez near Jalandoni Street, Jaro, Iloilo City


Margec’s Deli The House of Original Cream Horn contact numbers:

(033) 301-0962, (033) 300-3292, and (0946) 274-4301

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