Connie’s Kitchen, Part II

Connie’s Kitchen sells all natural and no preservative products that do not taste bland. Since there is a Connie’s Kitchen Deli a block from where I live, I decided to forego using my non-existent culinary skills this holiday season and buy pasta sauce from them (the decision came after the awful pasta sauce I made last month).

In my previous entry, I posted some Connie’s Kitchen products, which included their famous pasta sauces, and other products made in the Philippines. Here are additional items available at Connie’s Kitchen Deli:

This display shelf contains some if the sweet items in the store.

Bucky’s brownies and blondes, P270.00 (US $ 5.40) and P300.00 (US $6.00), respectively.

Butter Face Cinnamon Vanilla, Truffle Mushroom, Bleu and Anchovy.

Helios Mermelada de Arándano and Andalusian Strawberry and Sarah’s Strawberry Marmalade.

Sarah’s Cashew Butter

Risa Pastillas de Pili, 70% Dark Chocolate and Coffee bars. I forgot how much they cost, but they are between P100.00 to P150.00 (US $2.00 – 3.00)

Risa The Pilitas Chocolate Covered Roasted Pili Nuts: Classic and Dark Chocolate with Coco Sugar, 100 grams cost P200.00 (US $4.00)

Theo and Philo Artisanal Chocolates. I can attest to the quirkiness of the flavors of Theo and Philo chocolates, but I have not tasted the Milk Chocolate Adobo variety. The flavor combinations seem crazy and scary but they actually taste good. ☺

NaturaRich Philippines Davao Fine Tablea

OJ Farms Wild Honey

These are the things I bought:

Connie’s Kitchen’s Salsa Amaya, 200 grams, P205.00 (US $4.10). Ingredients of Salsa Amaya: salted dried herring, mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, soya oil, black olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes, and garlic. The saleslady told me that one bottle is enough for 500 grams of pasta.

The contents of the Salsa Amaya bottle

Pinoy Putanesca with Gourmet Daing, 440 grams, P205.00 (US $4.10). Ingredients of Pinoy Putanesca: crushed and whole tomatoes, salted dried surgeon fish, black olives, tomato paste, capers, extra virgin olive oil, soya oil, and spices.

The contents of the Pinoy Putanesca with Gourmet Daing bottle

Pomodoro, 480 grams, P140.00 (US $2.80). Ingredients of Pomodoro: crushed and whole tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, soya oil, basil, and spices.

The contents of the Pomodoro bottle

Davao Fine Tablea, P260.00 (US $5.20). I am a fan of tablea, having grown in Iloilo drinking it. I hope this is better than my town’s product.

The tablea

Magdalena’s Artisanal 70% Cacao Bean Chocolates: All Chocolates, With Roasted Cashew Nuts and Dried Mango Slices, P100.00 each (US $2.00). Base ingredients of the chocolates: real cacao beans, natural cocoa butter, raw washed cane sugar, organic vanilla powder, and soya lecithin. Magdalena’s Chocolate Story says that, they planted cacao to make tableya (cacao bean tablets), to brew tsokolate-eh, a rich Philippine beverage popular for centuries, but these ready to eat chocolates are better.

Connie’s Kitchen’s address: 92 Broadway Avenue, Corner 4th Street, Brgy. Mariana, Quezon City

Connie’s Kitchen’s contact numbers: (632) 721-5691 and (632) 727-9837

For more Connie’s Kitchen’s products, please read Part I, Part III and Part IV of this series.


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