Connie’s Kitchen Deli, Part I

More than a decade ago, a friend of mine made me taste the pasta he made with Connie’s Kitchen Salsa Amaya. I was amazed because it came straight from the bottle but it tasted great! Also, it was all-natural and had no preservatives! At that time, there were only two or three varieties of sauce produced by Connie’s Kitchen, Salsa Amaya and Bacalao Filipino and were available only in select supermarkets. I had to go to Rustan’s Shangri-La just to buy them. Thankfully, Rustan’s Trinoma was built in my neck of the woods and it carries (at least until I moved out of the area) Connie’s Kitchen expanded products.

Last year, I discovered that Connie’s Kitchen has a branch near the building where I live. It is across Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where I attended mass before its renovation, but due various reasons I did not enter the store until last week.

I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of products inside the store. Aside from Connie’s Kitchen’s bottled products, there are edible items from all over the Philippines, from Sagada in the north to Davao in the south. They are beautifully-packed and are perfect as pasalubong items from the Philippines.

I planned to buy Salsa Amaya and Chorizo and Mushroom Sauce, but the latter was out of stock that day.

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Connie’s Kitchen along Broadway Avenue, Quezon City

Here are some of the products available at Connie’s Kitchen store:

Connie’s Kitchen’s Salsa Amaya, Crispy Garlic and Eggplant and Olive Sauce.

Connie’s Kitchen’s Dulong (Anchovy Fry), Crispy Daing Flakes, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Gourmet Sardines in Pesto

Tuyo Espesyal in Corn Oil and Sweet Spicy Tuyo

Connie’s Kitchen’s Tinapa with Capers (Kipper / Smoked Herring) and Gourmet Tinapa

Tuyo with Capers and Gourmet Tuyo (Dried Herring)

For the holidays, these boxes of Connie’s Kitchen products are perfect as gifts for those who do not have culinary skills like me.

These bags of Connie’s Kitchen products are also for sale. Customers can choose what bottles to include and will pay P15.00 (US $ 0.30) for the basket.

This shelf contains proudly Philippine-made products, from coffee beans to vinegar.

Barako Beans, P500.00 (US $10.00)

Farmers’ Coffee 100% Pure Arabica beans and ground coffee

Steep Coffee Bags Arabica from Sagada, P950.00 (US $19.00) and Robusta from Sultan Kudarat, P550.00 (US $11.00)

Garapal’s Kape Tsokolate, Bawang (Garlic) and Labuyo (Chili)


Chili Asylum’s Pickled Chili Garlic, Pineapple Habanero Jam and Chili Chutney. It says on sign that Chili Asylum is an institution dedicated to different types of chili. Products are made with all natural ingredients, no chemicals or preservatives added.

Vegetable chips

Joji’s Delights Chocolate Muesli, 200 grams, P130.00 (US $2.60)

Sarah’s Matcha Pure Japanese Green Tea Powder, P400.00 (US $8.00)

7 Grains Skinny Carbs Shirataki Noodles

Skinny Veggie Chips and Take Root Gluten-Free and Vegan Kale Chips, P235.00 (US $4.70)

Casa Carmela’s Bacolod Chorizo Paté, Pitaw and Lechon Sisig Paté

Next 2 Nature’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Enuff’s Lemongrass and Garlic Sap Vinegar and Quezon’s Pinasarap Pure and Natural Coconut Vinegar

Connie’s Kitchen also sells sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and drinks.

These signs are right beside the cashier and sum up what is inside the store.


Connie’s Kitchen Deli’s address: 92 Broadway Avenue, Corner 4th Street, Brgy. Mariana, Quezon City

Connie’s Kitchen Deli’s contact numbers: (632) 721-5691 and (632) 727-9837

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