Christmas 2016 – Christmas Tree Edition

Christmas trees are some of the more pronounced expression of the holiday season. They are ubiquitous and are great backdrop for photo opportunities. Malls and big buildings have indoor and outdoor Christmas trees, with some standing more than three-storey high. This post is all about the Christmas trees I have seen this December (mostly).

Christmas tree of Ayala Tower One, Ayala Triangle, Makati City. This is the building that houses Instituto Cervantes – Manila.

Ayala Tower One’s Christmas tree last year. I like this one better.

Instituto Cervantes – Manila’s Christmas tree looks like a dwarf in comparison to the ones displayed in the lobby of Ayala Tower One.

The Christmas tree of Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. I like blue and anything that sparkles, so this one is right up my alley.

One of the smaller Christmas trees inside San Juan City Hall

Our Samwise Gamgee-sized Christmas tree. It is not the finest of works, with the overflowing glue and all. Hahaha.

My neighbor’s Christmas tree. Robinson’s Magnolia picturesque tree attracts mall goers, young and old alike, like bees to honey.

The base of Robinson’s Magnolia’s Christmas tree has larger-than-life figures.

Blue drummer boy which is my favorite because it is blue and a boy. 🙂

Red soldier boy

Blue fairy

Pink ballerina

But my all-time favorite is this Christmas tree I saw in Robinson’s Place – Pampanga. This was in December 2014 when I attended Pampanga Giant Lantern Festival.

And I looked like Samwise Gamgee next to it.

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