They say that tough men wear pink. I say real tough men wear crowns of pink flowers with giant pink petals around their shoulders and over their pink shirts. It must have been the most pink they wore in one day, but they carried it with bravado. It goes without saying that the women wear the pink ensemble with grace and aplomb. 🙂

On February 18, Saturday, our class had a one-act play based on a short story called “Por Qué el Amor es Ciego y la Locura lo Acompaña Siempre”. The play lasted less than 10 minutes, but our photo opportunity sessions before, during and after the play lasted longer than an hour. We just had so much fun bonding over a common goal, which was to mount a respectable play in a week’s time. It was our version of playtime for adults but in a very General Audience kind of way.

Entusiasmo headed the preparation before the play. She made the gorgeous props from scratch!!!

Locura y Amor. Work it, boys.

Pasión y Amor



Verdad y Amor

Triunfo, Generosidad, Noeh, our professor, and Entusiasmo

Aburrimiento y Noeh

The tough men of C2.3

Because one photo is not enough to show how “kantong-kanto” (with street cred) they are, another one needs to be posted.

The ladies of C2.3. There were six or more cameras and phones taking our photos, so we were not looking in the same direction. This is our wacky shot.

At least in this one, most of us were looking at the same camera, I just do not know who owns this camera. ☺

Instituto Cervantes – Manila’s C2.3 class photo

It was a great group effort where everybody contributed and everybody was happy with the outcome.

Thank you, SPRDC, Maf, Victoria, and Arturo for the photos. 🙂



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