Buffet 101 – Robinsons Magnolia, Part II

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia offers Asian and European cuisines just like Buffet 101 – Glorietta 2. While the former does not offer as many options, it has better food. All of them are well-seasoned, at the right temperature, and not overcooked and dry. Unfortunately, the desserts are not as good as the savory dishes.

We ate there on a Thursday, when I thought that the restaurant would not have as many patrons, but there must have been at least 300 people inside the restaurant that lunchtime. People milled around the tables and, lo and behold, food disappeared from the table faster than I could say Buffet 101.

This entry contains photos of desserts and drinks. Photos of soups, salads, main dishes, and Japanese and Chinese food items appeared on the first part. To read it, please proceed here.

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Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia had a table full of desserts. One of the more eye-catching displays was the candies section. It was colorful and had decent options of jelly-based candies but only one container for chocolate candies. ☹

One of the two display shelves of desserts at Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia. This contained cappuccino mousse, vanilla panna cotta, kiwi jelly, mango pudding, cathedral pudding, and something else that might or might not be minty.

Cathedral pudding. I included this photo because it is colorful. ☺

This shelf contained bite-size slices of blueberry cheesecake, red velvet cake, fruit cake, and something I ate but do not know the name (and I could not guess what it was because it was flavorless). Below were pandan in cream, fruit salad, and coffee jelly.

Pandan in cream with rice crispies. It was really missing the buco.


Tower of mini-cupcakes. From the taste, I would guess they were, from top to bottom, chocolate, coconut macaroons, and red velvet.

Balls of truffles. I had two or three of these. They tasted like Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins, mas sosyal version.

Halo-halo ingredients. This display did not look too user-friendly. Our table was next to this, and at least two people dropped some of the ingredients on the counter because of gravity.

My second plate of dessert (I gobbled up the mini-cupcakes and truffle balls before I could take their photos, so first plate of dessert had no photographic evidence), counterclockwise from the top: cappuccino mousse (I regretted getting this because the only part with taste was the wafer stick), something chocolate (it was good, so velvety and so rich), mini-cakes, and pandan. Only the something chocolate and red velvet mini-cake stood out, the rest were mediocre.

Watermelon. It was not too sweet but it was not bland either.

Suha and oranges. The suha was so tasteless; eating it was like eating paper. The oranges were how oranges normally taste like.

Yellow watermelon and papaya (? or melon?). I had the yellow watermelon, and it was just a little better than the suha.

My plate of fruits. ☺

Some of the iced drinks: blue lemonade, red ice team and ice water. Ordinarily, I would have three to five glasses of flavored iced drinks, but I did not have any that day.

I had kamias shake (technically, not a flavored iced drink) and enjoyed every sip of it. Pats had the papaya shake (left).

Teas all: chrysanthemum, red dates, barley tea, unknown, rose, and jasmine.

More tea: citrus peel and roselle. I had the roselle because it is so close to my name. ☺

My cup of roselle tea. It was really really really really really good.


Buffet 101- Robinsons Magnolia Rates:

Monday to Friday (public holidays not included)             – Lunch P699.00 (US $13.98), Dinner P899.00 (US $17.98)

Saturday – Lunch P899.00 (US $17.98), Dinner P999.00 (US $19.98)

Sunday and Holiday – Lunch or Dinner P999.00 (US $19.98)


Children below 3.5 feet – Free

Children below 4.5 feet – P499.00 (US $9.98)

Leftover Food Price – P1350.00 (US $27.00)


Buffet 101 – Robinsons Magnolia Address:                                                     

2nd Floor Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Boulevard, Corner Doña Hemady Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia Contact Number: Phone (02) 9612926.Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia Operating Hours: 1130am to 230pm (Lunch) and 530pm to 10pm (Dinner)


Buffet 101 Birthday Treat Promo: Birthday celebrants can avail of one (1) free buffet meal at any Buffet 101 branch on the month of their birthday provided that the celebrants are with a minimum of three (3) full paying adults (without any discount/s). Other mechanics apply.

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