Buffet 101 – Robinsons Magnolia, Part I

Being three skips and two hops away from my residence, Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia is the closest buffet restaurant to me. Although I frequent Robinsons Magnolia, I rarely eat there. It took a friend’s birthday celebration (Hi, Pats!) for me to finally try the food at Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia, and I was not disappointed.

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia offers Asian and European cuisines just like Buffet 101 – Glorietta 2. While the former does not offer as many options, it has better food. All of them are well-seasoned, at the right temperature, and not overcooked and dry.

Some of the food at Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia

From outside (inside the mall), Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia looks small because only the buffet tables are seen from the main entrance. Inside the restaurant, there are tables near the buffet tables and more tables in in the area that faces the garden.

We ate there on a Thursday, when I thought that the restaurant would not have as many patrons, but there must have been at least 300 people inside the restaurant that lunchtime. People milled around the tables and, lo and behold, food disappeared from the table faster than I could say Buffet 101.

Eating that day was a constant exercise of willpower. I tried my best not to stray from the green and leafy vegetable path and avoid having carbonated and artificial drinks. My only concession to indulgence were two plates of desserts. 🙂

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This entry contains photos of soups, salads, main dishes, and Japanese and Chinese food items. Desserts and drinks will appear on the second part. To read the second part, please proceed here.

One of the buffet tables in the center of Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia’s salad selection

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia’s salad selection. The one on the left is prime roast beef asparagus salad.

Buffet 101 salad dressing: bread pan, bacon, parmesan, ranch, tartar, Ceasar, blue cheese, thousand islands, honey mustard, balsamic, French, and cornik.

From top to bottom: tortilla, sandwich, and nachos.


Seafood stew

White rice and chicken and pineapple salted fish fried rice. I had the chicken and pineapple salted fish fried rice because it looked like it had go, grow and glow components, and it tasted as good as it looked.

Mushroom and chicken rice

Fried egg noodles with assorted seafood and rainbow fried rice

Farmer’s potato

Deep fried crablets and prawns

Braised mushroom with oyster sauce

Sautéed chicken with celery and carrots

Shrimps! I had the grilled version of these shrimps, and they were finger-licking good. ☺

Seafood pasta with pesto

Buffalo chicken wings

Onion rings

Moussaka. I had no idea what was in it; Google said it has eggplant, tomato, and minced meat. It was scrumptious. ☺

Pork loin with thyme sauce

Vegetable quiche. I had one slice, and for someone who does not like vegetables (I am learning to like them now) and mik, I found the quiche quite nice.

Roast chicken and pork leg

Salmon sashimi

Tamago sashimi

Japanese food whose names I do not know



Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia dimsum selection: pork siomai, Japanese siomai, glutinous roll, golden cake, chew chow dumpling, chicken feet, beef ball, asado siopao, spareribs, and custard pao

My first plate of food (counterclockwise from the top): fish, chicken and pineapple salted fish fried rice, spicy salmon (which had a lot bones!), and something vegetable-based whose name I cannot recall.

My third plate (the second one was a desserts plate) had Japanese items. Everything on this plate tasted quite well.

My fourth plate (counterclockwise from the top): moussaka, grilled shrimps (loved them!), vegetable quiche, and Thai salad (was a little underseasoned). I finished everything.


The staff was accommodating. The lady manning the dessert station encouraged me to get one of each dessert instead of just only one slice. 🙂 We asked two ladies to take our photos in three separate occasions, and they patiently did so. Thank you, guys!


Buffet 101- Robinsons Magnolia Rates:

Monday to Friday (public holidays not included)             – Lunch P699.00 (US $13.98), Dinner P899.00 (US $17.98)

Saturday – Lunch P899.00 (US $17.98), Dinner P999.00 (US $19.98)

Sunday and Holiday – Lunch or Dinner P999.00 (US $19.98)


Children below 3.5 feet – Free

Children below 4.5 feet – P499.00 (US $9.98)

Leftover Food Price – P1350.00 (US $27.00)


Buffet 101 – Robinsons Magnolia Address:                                                     

2nd Floor Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Boulevard, Corner Doña Hemady Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia Contact Number: Phone (02) 9612926.Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia Operating Hours: 1130am to 230pm (Lunch) and 530pm to 10pm (Dinner)

Buffet 101 Birthday Treat Promo: Birthday celebrants can avail of one (1) free buffet meal at any Buffet 101 branch on the month of their birthday provided that the celebrants are with a minimum of three (3) full paying adults (without any discount/s). Other mechanics apply.

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