Batter or Dough*

Batter or Dough is a relatively new coffee and waffle place in The Block, SM North EDSA. Now, people of Metro Manila, especially those who live in Quezon City and its environs, can troop there and have their caffeine and sweet cravings fixed from morning until late at night.

Batter or Dough serves golden waffles that are crisp on the outside but velvety smooth and light on the inside. To make their waffles more mouthwatering (is that even possible?), it offers several toppings to choose from: dulce de leche with sliced almonds, cinnamon and real maple syrup, Nutella, cookie butter, and wampler, among others. Wampler is perfect for those who like to eat a little of everything because it is a combination of four tiny slices of waffle in one order, namely, batter, Nutella, cinnamon and whipped butter.

It is also fun watching the men in their light blue long sleeve button down shirts making the waffles. It lends a certain professionalism and credibility in making something so heavenly. Also, the place smells divine, with the whiff of freshly-cooked waffle wafting in the air. George Calombaris of MasterChef Australia would have said, “YUM!” if the aroma reached his olfactory sense.

*I do not drink coffee, so I cannot write about that.

Batter or Dough, a coffee and waffle place in The Block, SM North EDSA

Exterior of Batter or Dough. It has a relaxed ambiance that encourages customers to enjoy their coffee and waffle.

Exterior of Batter or Dough. It is just across the theaters in The Block. Why not grab some coffee and waffles before the start of the movie?

Interior of Batter or Dough. Those high chairs are love. They are super comfortable and sturdy, so no fear of falling.

The interior of Batter or Dough is free of clatter, with only the necessities in plain view. The splash of yellow is very welcoming and makes me think of their golden waffle. Nice subliminal message. ☺

The men of Batter or Dough in action. Their mantra is to make the golden waffle. Every time.

Choose your Waffle. Batter or Dough’s list of waffle and their toppings: batter or dough original, cinnamon sugar, peanut butter, dulce de leche with sliced almonds, cinnamon + real maple syrup, whipped butter + maple syrup, Nutella, the Wampler, fluffernutter, cookie butter, and batter bomb.

Batter and Dough’s list of beverages: hot coffee, cold coffee, and blended coffee. As it says, their coffee is from Brazil and Sumatra.

Batter or Dough’s box as seen from the top.

Batter or Dough’s box has reheating instructions on the side.

Batter or Dough’s batter or original dough, P95.00 (US $1.89)

Batter or Dough’s Wampler, P150.00 (US $2.98). From left to right: batter or original dough, cinnamon, Nutella, whipped butter. It really is crisp on the outside and velvety smooth and light on the inside. ☺


Batter or Dough Address: 4th Floor, The Block, SM North EDSA, Quezon City.

Batter or Dough Hours of Operation: 10am to 10pm, daily

For more information, please visit their Facebook page at or follow them on Instagram @batterordough.

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