Batangas Country Club, Part I

What I like about Batangas Country Club is the serene surrounding and the feeling of being one with nature, although one is ensconced inside an air-conditioned room. My room for one day is girded coconut trees, one of which stands right outside the door weighed down by its golden nuts. To complete the commune with Mother Nature, there is a gecko in the porch area, which vocalizes its every thought once in a while, maybe in an attempt to talk to me. Hehe.

According to its website, Batangas Country Club is a three-hectare property with hundred year-old trees, well-kept gardens, and pool area. It has a total of 80 luxury suites and rustic cottages with deluxe amenities. Also, it has a fully-equipped fitness center and a 500-square meter free-form swimming pool.

I have to say that Batangas Country Club was clean and the air there was fresh. The staff was friendly, patient and cheerful.

Here are some of the photos taken in Batangas Country Club:


The fitness center is in the second floor

Playground for children, which remained empty throughout my stay there.

Swimming pool

A bigger swimming pool

Sitting and sunbathing areas near the pools

Inside Mabini Hall, one of the conference rooms in Batangas Country Club

One of the structures in Batangas Country Club

This is where I stayed, one of the sixty-seven rustic cottages.

The room

The bed. The three pillows bothered me because for me pillows come in even numbers.

Sitting area

The bathroom. The shower area is hidden by the shower curtain.

The bathtub, which is one of the dirtier bathtubs I have seen in the past two months.

The view from the door at 6am. Notice the golden coconut, which looked magnificent in the morning.

To read more, please proceed to Batangas Country Club, Part II.

Batangas Country Club Address: Bolbok Road, Barangay Santa Rita, Batangas

Batangas Country Club Contact Number: (+6343) 722-1228, (+6343) 722 – 0820, or (063) 917 – 5282337

Batangas Country Club Email Address:


For more information, please visit


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