Art in Island Interactive Art Museum, Part II

Art in Island Interactive Art Museum in Cubao, Quezon City, is a 3D art museum where young and young at heart can let their imagination soar while posing against monumental backdrops to look like they are swimming with the fish, surfing, skiing or flying, among others.

I posted photos of the five zones in ground floor of Art in Island here. This entry is devoted to the remaining six zones in the second floor.

European Zone:

Yulia smelling the air in Europe

Yulia and I in Italy. This photo took ten shots and two (or three) kind-hearted people with shaky hands to take.

Yulia and I running with the bulls in Spain. She did it better, I looked very staged. Haha. Another kind-hearted person took this photo.

Religious Zone:

I think this counts under the religious zone. I know I cannot be an angel in real life because I veer towards the dark side, but the wings fitted my shoulders perfectly. I couldn’t resist them.

Winter and Christmas Zone:

Who said there is no snow in the Philippines?

Or no reindeer either?

Love Zone:

Yulia in the love zone. There was a cake, too, but neither of us wanted to be cake topper.

Fantasy Zone:

The evil puppet master trying to lure the little girl into his lair. Run, little girl, run!!!

This photo was taken while I was lying on the floor and pretending to walk.

I am strong as Hulk, so I can break out of prison in a snap or in a grunt. I was supposed to be grunting there, but well…

Yulia as one of the chicks.

Yulia as a message in a bottle genie trapped in a non-slender transparent bottle.

Yulia as Time’s Person of the Year.

One can look at this either way: I am trying to open the vault to get the moolah or I am trying to close the door to stop the moolah from escaping. The smile on my face tells me it is the former. Maybe I get caught and the reason of my imprisonment in a photo above. Thank goodness, I have Hulk’s serum or potion or whatever it is that makes him big, strong and green. And oh, horrendous posture. 🙁

Object Art Zone:

A miniature representation of a Philippine fiesta (?). It looks like one to me.

Yulia pointing at the cake on the table, which has one of its layer looking like the ube jam we had for lunch.

Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. There is a basketball court in every barangay, two in some. The imitation of Michael Jordan does not look good. That tongue is way too long, he looks like a panting dog.

And we have our Philippine icon, Manny Pacquaio. Look closely at the ads, they are quite nice. The round girl looks out of it like she was boxing for 12 rounds and not the Pambansang Kamao.

For more photos and information, please read Art in Island Interactive Art Museum, Part I.

Art in Island Museum Reminders:

1. Before entering the museum, visitors will be asked to take off their shoes and deposit them in the shoe counter. Visitors can be in socks or barefoot while touring the museum. Socks are sold at the counter for P150.00 (US $3.00). I bought the red one because the blue pair was a size smaller.

2. Make sure to look for the “Photo Point” stickers on the floor when taking pictures. They give the best location to get the paintings’ 3D effect. Yulia and I did not follow this. We did not read the reminders before touring the place. 🙂

3. Flash is a big NO-NO! Using the cameras’ flash when taking photos affects the lighting and may change the paintings’ appearance.

4. Forget all those poses you always do when taking pictures! Use your creativity and imagination to make the photos more amusing and memorable.

5. No food and drinks allowed inside the museum.

6. Bringing of pets is not allowed inside the museum.

7. Allot two to three hours of your time to tour the museum. You will not know what happened to those hours once you are inside. The paintings will mesmerize you through its sheer size, and there might be queues in the more popular paintings.


Art in Island Interactive Art Museum Address: 175 15th Avenue, Brgy. Socorro, Cubao 1109, Quezon City, Philippines

Art in Island Interactive Art Museum Contact Number: (02) 421-1356

Art in Island Interactive Art Museum Operating Hours: 930am to 930pm from Tuesdays to Sundays. It is closed on Mondays EXCEPT on holidays. The ticket booth closes at 800pm.

Art in Island Interactive Art Museum Entrance Fee: P500.00 (US $10.00) for adults.

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