AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café

In an era of food specialization, it is rare to find a place that offers different kinds of food and drinks depending on the time of the day, seven days a week.

AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café is this rarity that offers variety of dishes that can satisfy one’s cravings from sun up to sun down, with complementary drinks to go with them. AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café goes beyond the usual plate of food by adding fun twists in their dishes that will delight kids and even those with sophisticated palate. As such it is the ideal place for family lunches, barkada hang-outs and romantic dates.

For those who wish to unwind after work and grab a drink or two, AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café has a bar that is well-stocked with local and imported beers. It also offers a decent selection of hard drinks and cocktails.

AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café in Greenhills, Little Baguio, San Juan City


The Place

The focal point of AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café is this lit signage.

My favorite part of the interiors is the long table. It is gorgeous up close.

Tables for two line the right side of AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café that faces the bar. The wooden decors are a nice touch.

The interiors of AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café as seen from the front door.

The bar


The Food

Pumpkin Soup, P80.00 (US $1.60). The pumpkin soup was really smooth. The garlic bits floating at the surface of this creamy creation gave off an exquisite aroma and added a new layer of texture and flavor to break the monotony of the soup.

Bacon Slab, P240.00 (US $4.80). It was tender and juicy. Yes, it sounds like a hotdog commercial. ☺

Salted Egg Wings, P165.00 (US $3.30). I had one piece of chicken, and it was also tender. There was a hint of salted egg flavor, but not enough to turn off those who do not like it.

Chips Overload Platter (Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, Twister Fries, and Tater Tots), P319.00 (US $6.38). I was a fan of the tots because they were so smooth and creamy, they could be eaten on their own without the dip.

Cereal Chicken Salad in Salted Egg Dressing, P159.00 (US $3.18). I liked the greens that came with the chicken. They were fresh and sweet.

Mac and Cheese in Hickory Pesto Chicken, P230.00 (US $4.60). The combination of mac and cheese and pesto sounds bleh, but they made it work wonderfully. This was the dish I liked the most. The chicken was succulent and yummy. Every bite was a party in my mouth.

The Great White (Spicy Tuna Pasta), P210.00 (US $4.20). This was the runner-up to the Mac and Cheese in Hickory Pesto Chicken. The spiciness of the tuna balanced the creaminess of the sauce. The freshly baked whole wheat bread (made by the owners themselves) was a great complement to the flavorful dish. I liked this dish so much so that I have cooked a similar recipe thrice in the last month. It is a lot for someone like me.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, P185.00 (US $3.70). At the very least, the cordon bleu was not leathery.

Beef Roulade in Brown Sauce, P220.00 (US $4.40). I cannot remember the flavor of the beef, but I can vividly remember how juicy the vegetables were and how much I liked the potato.

Beef Salpicao, P240.00 (US $4.80). This had a profusion of garlic flavor.

Crack Pie Cheese Ice Cream, P90.00 (US $1.80). This was soooo goooooood.

Bottomless Blue Lemonade, P100.00 (US $2.00). I had four glasses of this blue lemonade. It was not cloyingly sweet and it was great on a hot day. 

House Blend Iced Tea, 16oz, P75.00 (US $1.50).


The Menu (these were downloaded from the Facebook page of AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café because the one I have is not updated)

AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café Menu, page 1: All Day Brunch, Soup, Starters, Pasta, Mains, Sandwiches, and Desserts

AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café Menu, page 2: Coffee and Non-Coffee Drinks (hot or cold)

AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café Menu, page 3: Beer, Hard Drinks, and Cocktails


April 22, 2017 marks the re-launching of AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café will have. One can eat, mingle and party for P700.00 (US $14.00). For reservation, please contact the numbers and persons indicated below.


AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café is open daily:

Monday to Thursday: 7am to 10pm

Friday: 7am onwards

Saturday: 10am onwards

Sunday: 10am to 9pm


AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café Contact Numbers:

0917-8908968 (Howard Choa)

0917-8770537 (Charmaine Ong)


AM PM Brunch, Bar & Café Address:

Unit 202, 2nd Floor TNA Building, 17 J. Abad Santos Street, Greenhills, Little Baguio, San Juan City


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