Ads in Motion, Part IV

Among the train systems that service the millions of commuters in Metro Manila, the Manila Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 2 or the purple line is my favorite. It is the newest and the cleanest. Also, I think it has the widest coaches but the fewest passengers among the three (MRT-3, LRT Line 1, and LRT Line 2). Most importantly, one of its stations is within shouting distance from where I live.

LRT Line 2 in all its naked glory

Since April, I have accumulated a couple of photos of the new wrap ads that adorn the sides of the trains. There are also ads inside the coaches, but I have not worked up the courage to take their photos because I do not wish to be glared at by other commuters.

Here are some of the photos of LRT Line 2 train wrap ads:

Cheetos Flavored Snacks being endorsed by Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil collectively known as LizQuen.

Hisense LRT Line 2 wrap ad

Kopiko Black 3 in One LRT Line 2 wrap ad

A closer look at Kopiko Black 3 in One wrap ad.

Kopiko Black 3 in One wrap ad says, “Boom! Gising!” (Boom! Wake up!)

Honda bike

The current AMA Education System LRT Line 2 wrap ad features actor-producer Coco Martin as the gabay ng kabataan sa buong bayan.

Coco Martin for AMA Education System

Another image of Coco Martin, clad in Barong Tagalog, promoting the importance of education.

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