Ads in Motion, Part III

The Manila Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 2 or the purple line that services passengers from Santolan to Recto stations is my go-to mode of transportation when I go to any point in Metro Manila. However, for almost a month my left heel made it difficult for me to go up and down three flights of stairs (elevators and escalators were not functional), and compounded by the stifling heat, taking the train took a backseat to hailing taxis or riding Uber.

This weekend, with my left heel improving, I braved the stairs and rode the train once again. Aside from one of the stations being conveniently close to where I live, part of the charm of LRT2 is the wrap ads that add colors to the otherwise plain and dirty train coaches. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that two wrap ads have called the LRT Line 2 trains their home during my absence. Some of the ads have made their way inside the train, but taking photos of those is more challenging without getting in the way of the packed-like-sardines riding public.

LRT Line 2 train without the wrap ads

Here are some of the photos of LRT Line 2 train wrap ads:

Pepsi’s “All Out sa Sarap at Saya” wrap ad on LRT Line 2 train.

The emojis make Pepsi’s wrap ad the cutest. It is also the perfect time to advertise this because summer = ice cold drink.

A closer look at the head of LRT Line 2 train with McDonald’s wrap ad

McDonald’s wrap ad advertises its newest product, Mushroom Pepper Steak.

The riding public know that McDonald’s 1-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak with Rice and Drink costs P55.00 (US $1.10).

AMA University Online Education. The image of the girl with hands on her face does not look like Maja Salvador, but she is very pretty.

Here is Maja Salvador promoting AMA University Online Education.

Honda’s New Wave 110 wrap ad. This photo was taken yesterday.

A closer look at Honda’s New Wave 110 wrap ad

Facebook Flex and Flex Train on a train

How many words that start with ‘F” can you find on this LRT Line 2 wrap ad?


For more LRT Line 2 wrap ads, please read Ads in Motion, Part I and Ads in Motion, Part II.


To the LRT Line 2 Riding Public:

In observation of the Lenten Season and to give way for the annual maintenance of the LRT 2 system, the following schedule will be observed from April 12 to 16, 2017.

Schedule of LRT Line 2 for Holy Week 2017:

Date Terminal/Station Time
April 12, 2017 (Holy Wednesday) Santolan to Recto (Westbound 5:00am to 10:00pm
April 12, 2017 (Holy Wednesday) Recto to Santolan (Eastbound) 5:00am to 10:30pm
April 13, 2017 (Maundy Thursday)

                     NO OPERATIONS                                                                                                                

April 14, 2017 (Good Friday)


April 15, 2017 (Black Saturday)


April 16, 2017 (Easter Sunday)


Normal Operations/Revenue Service will resume on April 17, 2017 (Monday).

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